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Nov 30, 2008 05:07 PM

places to eat in Burlington/Oakville

my inlaws all live in Burlington and every time we go out there for a meal choosing a restaurant turns into a fiasco. My hubbie and I are hounds but the inlaws think Milestones is too "ethnic and spicy". If we have to eat at Mother Tuckers one more time I will scream. Can anyone suggest good food that isn't a chain? It doesn't have to be expensive, a good pub where everything isn't frozen and deepfried would do. We go out there for lunches and the odd dinner.

Many thanks!

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  1. Check out Spencer's at the Waterfront on Lakeshore Road in Burlington. Not cheap, but a lovely setting and decent fare. The web site is very good.

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      I second the Spencer's rec. Was skeptical that it would be good as I expected atmosphere>>food. Went for brunch this Sun and was very pleasantly surprised. Not cheap ($34ish each), but excellent value - included mimosa's and all juice, coffee, tea etc. Food was not really buffet - more like part-buffet, part preparation stations. All was yummy - great breads, great omlettes, good saladas, nice cheeses and desserts, etc etc. I would take this over Mother Tuckers a thousand times over . I am totally looking forward to going for dinner.
      Make a reservation - brunch was very busy,

    2. You must go to Stoney's Baking Company on Kerr Street. They have sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza - casual, and reasonably price. Your order at the cash and they bring the food to your table. I live in TO but whenever I visit my sister in Oakville that's where we go. I've mostly had their sandwiches, which are amazing - my BF said it was the best sandwich he ever had. I highly recommend the braised lamb sandwich!

      1. Sweet Smoke, without a doubt

        Rebecca & Great Lakes blvd

        Get the pulled pork sandwich and a mac & cheese or whatever else

        1. Here are a couple of my Burlington favourites:

          Trendz - a small restaurant on Brant near Caroline with a very interesting menu that should appeal to all tastes. Basically, there are 3 different menus with each one focused on a different style of cooking: traditional, fusion, modern. Chef/owner Keith runs a great resto. Good value at a great price.

          Latitude - This is a relatively new restaurant on the Burlington scene. It is run by the same people who run 1505 North. Interestingly, 1505 was not a favourite, but we thoroughly enjoyed Latitude. Great selection at reasonable price points.

          Paradiso - pseudo Mediterranean food at a restaurant located in the village. I like the atmosphere and open kitchen.

          Poacher - for reasonably good pub grub, try the Poacher. This is a small English pub with traditional pub fare. Nothing special but if you like the atmosphere and a good selection of brew this might do the trick.

          Spencer's - Agree with everything said by other responders

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            How could you omit Pane Fresco? incredible sandwiches with baked bread that rivals Brick Street and Gilead Cafe.

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              Actually, I love Pane Fresco. Often there on a Saturday or Sunday morning. My wife loves the Belgian waffles on Sunday. However, I do not really consider this a restaurant... more like a bakery/cafe. I agree that they have fantastic breads, and I love breakfast here, but would not really consider it for lunch or dinner. I guess I;m just not a sandwich type of guy. However, they do look good if you like that kind of thing.