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Nov 30, 2008 04:58 PM

NYE 2008 Restaurant Recommendations

Anywhere in LA or LA County, I'd like to know who has the best NYE deals/events in Los Angeles. It's never too early to reserve for NYE.

Or recommend a restaurant that is great for NYE, even if they're serving their regular menu.
Thanks. (ie great for drinks, close to the NYE festivities, romantic, etc...)

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  1. Bashan in Glendale/Montrose has a gorgeous looking prix fixe, check it out on their website. I also am looking for something Chow-worthy further west.

    1. Here's the OpenTable list of LA/OC restaurants and what they're doing on NYE ( ). It seems like a lot of restaurants are scaling back and offering cheaper prix-fixe options this year. From the OT list, only Campanile, Providence and Ford's look interesting but there'll be no shortage of 'hounds here who'd tell you to save your money and stay home. Like other holiday prix-fixe meals (Valentine's, Thanksgiving, etc.) many of these restaurants will be mass-producing and pre-preparing their NYE "special" menu so you won't necessarily get a true representation of what the place has to offer.