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Nov 30, 2008 04:25 PM

Preservation Kitchen: Bothell, WA

Drove by today and they looked full for brunch....

Anyone have any comments of this place? Menu looks similar to Market Street Cafe in Kirkland which has closed to regular dinner service opting for private parties and events only.

I wish them well, that location seems to have been snake bit for the past 5 years.

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  1. This place has great service, over-the-top delicious food, upscale atmosphere, and a very quiet dining environment where you can actually have a conversation. Here's a link to the P.I. review that prompted my visit.

    My take on the food: This restaurant has a chef that can make you swoon over a plain-sounding meal of roasted chicken or steak and potatoes.

    The chicken: a white meat breast, is so insanely juicy and flavorful that the entire table went bonkers over it. It was served with crisp-tender green beans with slightly soured onions (that means they were vinegared - very tasty), and tiny cubes of carmelized potato and a garlic jus.

    The steak: a ribeye served with mashed potatoes and swiss chard. But oh what a steak. It was expertly cooked to a perfectly pink temperature and was so tender. I've never had a melt-in-your-mouth tender ribeye. This is usually the cut of meat that you order, sacrificing tenderness for a little extra fatty flavor. But not at Preservation Kitchen. They've figured out how to deliver both flavor and tenderness in their ribeye.

    The duck: We also tasted the duck breast entree with a duck croquette. The duck breast was moist and well cooked (medium rare) but I can't rave about it because I only get excited about duck legs served confit-style. But if you're into duck breast, my dining partner said hers was delicious although she preferred both the steak and chicken dishes to the duck.

    Preservation Kitchen
    17121 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011

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      Hmm, this sounds promising, and a good value, too. So this is what finally went into the old Gerard's place. At least we know where it is.

    2. We tried PK last evening. In this economy we've had little difficulty getting a table without a reservation even on the weekends. PK ended that illusion. They were very busy. Despite having no reservation, they were able to seat us, although we were told this particular table (next to the fireplace) had been reserved for 8:00 pm. We ordered glasses of viognier and chardonnay and took a look at the menu. I ended up ordering the coppola and arugula salad and the night's special pasta - garnet yam gnocchi with cranberries, walnuts and a finely grated cheese. Good, but a little dry. Very creative however.

      My dinner partner had a late lunch so decided to do an all app dinner. Polenta tots were good with a lightly spicy ancho aoili. Almonds roasted in olive oil and lightly salted. A beautiful bowl of cream of potato soup with crispy potato "shoestrings" was delicious and the same coppolo and arugula salad I had.

      We both enjoyed our meal and thought we would have dessert in the bar. No way - it was packed.

      Service was a little slow for such a packed house. The waiter knew his food and wine pairings tho and made suggestions based upon that. I'd return to this place another time, but perhaps not on a weekend!