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Nov 30, 2008 04:17 PM

Po'Boy Genes

OK I was taking DH out to have the 'best' po'boy I was thinking and nope he was very let down, the shrimp were cold and swimming in mayo, bread good though.
I had the seafood gumbo, pretty good flavor, but the seafood was missing for the most part. They serve you crab without anything to open it. I had to send back to pleasing temp. I like hot soup.
SO where else can you get a po'boy here in Austin, worth writing about, TIA.

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  1. i've only had a poboy at genes. i like some things at genes. and i've tried the poboy on prob 3 occasions. it's never consistent. only once was the bread good. the other times the bread was hard and chewy on the outer part so i gave up on it there. i dont recall every getting cold food there though.

    on another note i finally made it out to the real nola restaurant in round mountain. they had a pretty good seafood gumbo. but i prefer chick/sausage but they only have seafood. and the red beans and rice are the best i've had in austin. it was slow when we were there so didnt get to lay eyes on a poboy or their fried chicken. hopefully i can get back and sample those soon.

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      I can't say with much confidence who has the best po'boys because I don't eat them often enough or around the same proximate time, but Louisiana Longhorn Cafe in RR is at the top of my list. Nubian Queen Lola's is my other top choice.

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        Yay for Real New Orleans Restaurant!! I keep telling everyone I know to get out there, I'm glad you liked it.
        My girlfriend had a shrimp poboy there and thought it was great. Perfect shrimp, which is hard to find. And I agree about the red beans, they are perfect.

        I'm with you on the love for chicken/sausage gumbo. I ended up making turkey/andouille from my Thanksgiving leftovers. Gotta do something with all those bones, you know?

        1. re: MyySharona

          Gene is gone & it's under new management, and the last two times I've been it wasn't very good (at all), and doesn't feel NOLA anymore. I'm not going back I'm afraid.

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            Wish I had read this before I went yesterday! Five of us went to eat, what used to be a really solid roast beef poboy-what we got was not the roast beef. We ordered out rbp and went to get a drink out of the the soda fountain, no soda was working... 45 minutes after we ordered out roast beef the gentleman came and told us that they were in fact out of gravy???? At that point I had to leave b/c I was with children and couldn't wait another 45 minutes for a sandwich. My brother and his wife stayed, not sure what they ordered, but they had been given a gift card a month ago to Gene's. When he went to redeem the gift card, the woman behind the register told him that they do not sell those, and hadn't since it was under new management, so my brother ended up having to pay the bill. I HATE writing bad posts about restaurants, but the "New" management of Gene's is giving the original Gene a BAD name!

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              I was at Gene's last week and he walked out of the kitchen wearing an apron. So...maybe he isn't gone? Why would he be cooking if he was gone? The food that day was delicous. Shrimp poboys had plenty of seafood and they were seasoned nicely. The oyster poboy was the same. Sweet tea was not as sweet as usual (a good thing) but their soda fountain was busted so they only had sweet tea, regular tea and lemonade. The soda fountain only dispensed ice.

        2. hate to be this dude...

          ate there on Sat afternoon. buying lunch for buddy that helped me with some electrical work. he had never been there and was looking for a new place to check out. I have been there a few times with good results - a little over priced, but simple good food.

          this was different. the three women/girls working were friendly, and in good spirits - I assume relaxing after a mild saturday lunch pop. they were giggly and offered me a sample of the gumbo. it was okay. my buddy ordered an oyster sandwich, and I agreed to gumbo.

          i tipped them more than fairly, and sat down in an empty dining room. I like this place - the old building, lack of pretense, etc., but this was kinda more sad. The whole New Orleans thing was tired and sickly. Just dumb.

          Food came out. My friend said his oyster poboy was really good. My gumbo was passable. I have no excuse as I had a sample. Yes, they do throw some crab legs in there, but you cannot do much with them. I broke some apart with my teeth and picked out a few bites of meat. The broth was weak. a few shrimp, and what seemed to be hillshire farm sausage.

          I don't know. post lunch doldrums are hard for even the best restaurants. I don't want to tattle on the ladies working there, but come on guys... if it is slow like that clean up the place, wash out the one pitcher containing water as the other options were out of service.

          I don't know the scoop. but if there is has been a change in management or something recently, those in command need to make some changes. The women working on Sat afternoon were playing restaurant...