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Nov 30, 2008 03:52 PM

J. LeBlanc Oils

Is there any place in San Francisco that sells J. LeBlanc oils? I'm particularly interested in their nut oils. Thanks!

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    1. re: wolfe

      Thanks. I did see that, but thought it might be inaccurate, as I went to Bi-Rite and asked if they ever carried the brand, and the person I spoke with said they never had. Was hoping someone had actually seen it somewhere.

      1. re: Erin Bennett

        I have seen it at Draeger's in Blackhawk. I assume the one in San Mateo would also carry it.

        1. re: Erin Bennett

          I just saw it at the 4th Street Pasta shop, good and bad news. They had hazelnut, roasted hazelnut, walnut, roasted peanut and pistachio. Prices ranged from about $15 to $48(pistachio) for an 8 oz bottle. Several, like the hazelnut were past the date stamp on the bottle although the pistachio is good until sometime next year.

      2. The J. LeBlanc hazelnut oil is delicious. I love it on steamed green beans with toasted hazelnuts and lemon zest. I have seen their nut oils in the city, either at Whole Foods SoMa, Canyon Market in Glen Park or Falletti Foods. Unfortunately I can't remember which one - I'd call and see.

        (You also should be able to find them online.)

        1. Not your original request but I saw la Tourangelle nut oils at the Monterey Market including pistachio 8.75oz for $16. Almond oil and hazelnut also seen.

          1. Huileries de Lapalisse walnut and hazelnut oils are available from Le Village french food importers, which is based locally in Brisbane and ships pretty quickly. $13-18 for 16.9 oz. They're pretty good, but they're also the first nut oils I've used in my cooking so I have no basis for comparison.

            1. J Leblanc hazelnut only at Cheese Plus 2001 Polk today.