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Nov 30, 2008 03:27 PM

Halifax & Surrounding: Your fav diner joint?

Yearning for a next-to-home-cooked meal? Looking for comfort food? Cast your vote and why it gets your love!

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  1. The Esquire in Bedord. Just so old-fashioned with the home-made pies and little pots of tea to prove it. And they do decent fresh fish as well. I think the wait staff have been there since the 50's (though that math doesn't really work, they have that comfy, apron-wearing, gum-chewing thing going on...)

    1. I like the Sou'Wester restaurant at Peggy's Cove, especially when you have a view of the Atlantic, rather than the parking lot. I love to walk on the rocks, then go in for the fish hash with beans and green tomato chow, and the Solomon Gundy, and the gingerbread.

      1. Oops, I got ahead of myself and posted a "Looking for great diner in Halifax" just a minute ago, without reading the *already* posted items already (sorry =o(

        I pass the Esquire everyday on the bus, and it always seems busy... will try their breakfast, thanks LJS :)