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Nov 30, 2008 02:09 PM

Has anyone eaten at Los Cucos in Plano?

We have passed by Los Cucos several times on our way to Costco and we were wondering if anyone had tried it yet.

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  1. I've been twice. I got the same meal both times - Los Cucos tacos. It's going on my lunch rotation. They're constantly refilling chips, salsa and drinks. Someone I went with got the fried avocado and it was too rich for lunch when you have to return to the office afterwards. As a point of reference, my preferred Plano tex-mex options are Gloria's and Posados. I only go to Mi Cocina when someone else is buying.

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      Yeah, it's not too bad. The salsa isn't the best, but they have okay chicken enchiladas and the kid's meals are huge also. If you want amazing salsa Mi Cocina is deffinately the way to go. The menu is a little pricey for some stuff but I get the Sunset Chicken Enchiladas off the "A La Cart" menu. It still comes with rice and it's spicy and very good. Put a little salsa in the rice and everything is even better. I'm hungry. Great. lol

    2. I have been there about 15+ times. I guess you could say that I am hooked. I love their green salsa and my favorite dish so far is the Pollo Ixtapa. Can't wait to try the little grill that they bring to the table full of lots of yummy looking things.

      Last Friday night I was there and in walked Randy Travis. He was with several others and they sat in the "round room" off the main dining room.

      1. We use to eat at Los Cucos in College Station before moving to Dallas. When we saw a location open there in Plano, we had to try it. It was as good as we remember it. Tacos and fajitas are a good choice.

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          We tried it last night. On Monday and Tuesday they have $1.99 'ritas. The two salsas are really good (we preferred the green). There were 4 of us and they only brought out 1 small bowl of each and we had to ask for more. My husband and I split the one of the grills and they were ok, but the next time I want to try the deep fried avocado. Our friends ordered the table made guacamole. We thought that the "premade" that comes with the meals was tastier than the table made version. We do want to go back and try some of the individual dishes.

        2. We went today at lunch, overall I would say it was okay Californian food but not Mexican. This would be due to the lack of any determinable spice what so ever. Then the fact that they use bell peppers for their rellenos well what else can be said.

          It's not that the food was horrible it simply was not tex mex or Mexican. They also seem to have a love for mushrooms which is okay but not normally expected in quantity.

          1. The food is a bit bland for my taste. Try Petra's in McKinney or Frisco. Great food.