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Nov 30, 2008 12:48 PM

Philoxenia or Aegean Cove?

Which is better? Food wise what are the differences? Which of the 2 would you rather go to?

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  1. Have not been to Aegean Cove, but Philoxenia is my favorite Greek restaurant in Astoria. Decor is beautiful inside, feels like a cozy farmhouse. Food is fresh, not greasy, the service is attentive and helpful. I have tried and strongly recommend: the Greek salad, grilled octopus, saganaki, grilled jumbo shrimp, and Greek burger. I'm sure the fish specials are excellent. It can get a bit pricey, though I've found this to be the case with most of the better Greek restaurants in the area.

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      I ended up at Aegean Cove last night (should have stuck to my instincts and tried Philoxenia) and it was a truly unappetizing and bizarre experience. The server was trying way too hard (madame, sir, presenting the menu with some weird "zoro-esque" bow). The first couple dishes were tasty, in particular a good Greek salad and great beets.

      But then a dish appeared that we didn't order, so it was taken away. Then another dish appeared that was the wrong order, it took the 5 minutes to get the server to tell him (we were 1 of 3 tables in the place), then it took him 5 minutes to work it out with the manager. Finally they returned and said that we could keep this shrimp entree (it was supposed to be an app) and that they would only charge us the app price. Problem was, after passing the plate around for 10 minutes and bringing it to the kitcehn the food was now cold, only worsening the overcooked shrimp.

      Finally, when the grilled fish came out it tasted incredibly fishy and was gray. When we mentioned this to the manager he said it was supposed to smell like that, and that anyway "that fish is meant to be fried". A) it was definitely not fresh B) if the fish is meant to be fried why offer it grilled on the menu?

      Overall experience was not good at all. The people that worked there hovered around the table making us all feel very uncomfortable. And another weird thing, I waited at least 5 minutes for the bathroom. Finally, it was the male manager that exited the woman's bathroom and then when he saw me ran back in to "make sure he flushed". I can't really recommend this place to anyone. Truly bizarre.

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