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Nov 30, 2008 12:42 PM

110 st and 5th Ave

Just moved to the area and trying to figure out whats gooooooood. Any suggestions as to what I should be eating in the area?

Thanks to all that reply

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  1. If you walk to 8th avenue, and go up, there are a few good restaurants: Melba's, Zoma and Patisserie des Ambassades. On Adam Clayton Pwl, there's Native and on 116th between Lenox and Adam Claton Pwl, you can find Amy Ruth's. For Chinese takeout, I usually order Ollie's.

    1. A bit west and south of you is Bistro Itzocan, at Lex & 101st Street. Excellent Mexican inspired cuisine. I live at 92nd & Madison, so if you are interested in more ideas a bit south of you, let me know.