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Nov 30, 2008 11:14 AM

New Year's Eve Downtown

I am wondering if you could suggest a venue for New Year's Eve dinner.

It will be 2 couples in their early thirties. We would like a place that we could reserve and sit down perhaps to a fixed-priced dinner, but that is close to cute places for an after dinner drink. It could be moderately expensive (75-100 dollars a head, including wine). We can research fixed priced menus but if you could recommend a few nice places for New Years, I'd really appreciate it.

We were thinking of Chinatown for New Years. Would anyone recommend going there on New Year's Eve?

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  1. Check opentable. They usually have a link for New Year's restaurants. It is not up yet though.

    That price range on New Years Eve is not going to be easy. What time were you planning to eat dinner?

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      Sorry for taking so long! My friend came up w/ this list from I believe "open table," and I have seen some of them on Chowhound, and some not so recent reviews. Supposedly, these are in our price-range (100 dollarish) with fixed price menus. However, I am unsure as to whether these options are still in our price range on New Years (or if they have a more uppity menu/price for the night.). Given this very important piece of information that we have yet to acquire, can anyone speak of these specific places for a New Year's event? We are totally open for dinner - I don't particularly care if we ring in the New Year there or before.

      Antica Trattoria
      Cafe Claude
      Flor d'Italia
      Iluna Basque
      Jack Falstaff
      One Market (I think Z and I went here on New Years once and it was mediocre)
      Rue Saint Jacques
      Zingari Ristorante

      1. re: Pappardelle

        Opentable has the New Year's link up now. They will add more as it gets closer to NYE.

        Farallon is out of you price range,tho AFAIK,you aren't missing much.

        I've just read too much negatives stuff about Fior d'Italia, so I'd put that at the bottom of the list ... if you are desperate and that's all that';s left.

        Jack Falstaff goes over your budget too.

        Zingariis pretty close to the top as long as you count the glass of champagne as your beverage.

        Two might be interesting with a $45 crab feast. Bong Su has a $60 menu

        There are a few more in that area, but don't list the prices, so you would have to click on the website for info and call.

        Hope you report back on whatever you choose...and have a happy new year.

        1. re: rworange

          Haven't had New Year's Eve dinner at Fior d'Italia, but ate there during the holidays last year. Had the Osso Buco - it was a positive.