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Nov 30, 2008 10:49 AM

What did I do wrong? regarding soup...

I'm new at this and I am not sure what I did wrong. I made some ham and potato soup this morning. I had to make a rou ( i know i spelled that wrong) and when I was finished whisking the flour into the butter it was VERY thick. I added it to the soup and it looked OK after it was stirred in but it didn't taste right. It tasted thick and pasty. It also leaves a film over the top of it after it sat for a little bit. Any idea's? Thank you

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  1. You have to cook a roux until the flour taste goes away. That is probably the problem.

    1. Yes...once you've whisked the flour into the butter, making the roux, keep whisking over low heat for about 2 minutes. Then, gradually add some of the liquid while continuing to whisk, creating a thick "sauce." Then, add the remaining liquid to the roux. This will give you the desired result. It'll thicken the soup, but leave out the flour-y taste. Hope this helps.

      1. Odatlynn,
        I agree with Danhole and Pjat50 that you probably did not cook the roux long enough. It also sounds like you may have created too much roux. After you cook the roux, take about half of it out of the pot and put it aside. Then proceed as Pjat50 suggested. If the soup does not thicken enough, add a half cup or so of the soup to the reserved roux, whisk it in, and then add the half coup of soup with the additional roux back into the main pot. It's always easier to thicken a soup more than to try to thin it out later. I hope that this helps!

        1. Also, the film might be ham fat that will accumulate on top after cooling. Did you use a ham bone to make broth, or did you just toss everything in the pot? If you used a bone for broth, it's good to strain out bone and aromatics, let cool, and skim off the fat, then proceed with your recipe. If you tossed everything in together, you might have a problem skimming the fat, but you can get some of it off. Skim whatever fat you can before you add the roux.