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Nov 30, 2008 10:36 AM

Sides for Leg of Lamb??

I'm doing a leg of lamb for a dinner party in a couple of weeks. The guys lean toward meat and potato types, however I'll have to do a veggie side as well. I seem to always fall back on my roasted baby potatoes which seem sorta ho hum to me.....perhaps a garlic mashed??? or scallops??? I could do sauteed asparagus or roasted veggies, but I am looking for some inspiration!! Was thinking of starting with a herbed goat cheese souffle and fresh spring salad? Any ideas??? TIA.

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  1. Leg of lamb in our house is always done greek style...with the same sides: Lemon potatoes, spanokopita and a big greek salad. For a crowd I might add somegreek style stewed green beans. Don't know if this helps you though!

    1. I find pasta puttanesca and ratatouille especially appropriate as sides with lamb, which I happen to be having right this minute for lunch. (rack of lamb, however) The souffle and salad sound tasty also!

      1. You have probably decided upon a wine, but I thought I would mention my favorite with lamb is an Australian Shiraz.

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          THanks for the suggestion....I had not made wine decisions but will definitely try the Shiraz....also have 2 confirmed white wine folks so will have yet another decision to make for them!!

        2. Garlicky pan-fried spinach
          Potato gratin
          Okra in tomato sauce
          Rice pilav

          1. I like biter greens with lamb: escarole with toasted pine nuts and feta, a simple arugula salad with shaved parmesan and walnuts, purslane salad with parsley (althought that's a bit brighter).

            I also find that Middle-Eastern flavors go well with lamb, so spice spaghetti squash is always a hit with my lamb or cucumber and feta salad.