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Seeking cheese retailer to send out holiday packages

Had a bad experience last year with a company which included invoices in each gift box. Would like recommedations on smaller companies/dairies that have a great product and would do a proper job with the mailing. Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

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  1. Cowgirl Creamery? pricey, but good stuff.

    1. Cowgirl Creamery outside of San Francisco, CA would fit the bill.

      1. My Dad regularly ships Cougar Gold from the WSU Creamery as Christmas gifts for family and friends. He worked there in college way back when.

        Washington State University: WSU Creamery
        Pullman WA, Pullman, WA

        1. http://www.gethsemanifarms.org/

          Please consider this group of Trappist monks in Kentucky who put out absolutely delicious cheeses. Wonderful fruitcake (really!) and bourbon fudge, also. They have added new cheeses in recent years but my favorites are still the mild, aged, and smoked. Wonderful and nicely packaged. I think you'd be very happy, as would the recipients!

          I like supporting these hard-working guys, too.

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              I received a gift from Artisanal about a month ago. It was very well wrapped and the cheeses were at the peak of perfection. Truly among the best cheeses I'd ever had in my life. Even in Paris. I couldn't have been more thrilled.

              I would point out, though, that the cheeses really shouldn't sit around for any length of time between when they're delivered and when they get put in a fridge. They were packed with cold gel bags, but I wouldn't send a package to someone who, for instance, would need to pick it up somewhere and wouldn't be able to get to it for a few days. The information slip from Artisanal says that the cheeses should be eaten within a few days. I'm sure there's some leeway there, but these are not, for the most part, cheeses that can be saved for a couple of months.

            2. Grafton Cheese Company Grafton, VT

              1. Murray's Cheese in New York. They have a fabulous selection of cheeses from all over and have many different gift boxes for different price points. They even have a cheese of the month club!


                1. Ideal Cheese in NYC is another option, but I also think you can't go wrong with Murrays or Artisanal.


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                    Cheese on 62nd in Manhattan, has a manager who makes awesome baskets and packages, 212-980-5544, address 134 E 62nd. Their selection of product is as good if not better than anything in the city.

                  2. Dean and Deluca ships...hopefully, that wasn't the company `with the bad experinece.

                    1. Back to say that I was about to order from Murray's because the recipents know it and would get a kick out of that but then I found the shipping would be $25. Went back to Gethsemani Farms and their shipping was free. The cost of the packages I was interested in was about the same but the free shipping clinched it for me.

                      I am not saying Murray's isn't worth every dime, just that for me I'm watching my pennies and I love the GF product anyway.

                      "Free Shipping" is music to my ears this year. :)

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                        Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up using the Gethsemani Farms recommendation and will let you know the feedback from the gift recipients.