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Lincoln Center

We have tickets to see South Pacific and would like some good recs for dinner before the show. We enjoy most foods and for that evening we are not too concerned about price.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. really adore gabriel's on 60th just off broadway for slightly upscale ($25-ish entrees) fare. they have a wood-fired oven, and things that emanate from there are my faves. sapphire indian @ b'way/62nd has some interesting entree choices, but might be a bit heavy for pre-theatre. la boite en bois also has a great pre-theater menu (i think the prix-fixe is under $40 for three courses, but for the life of me, i forget the address (68th st?).


    1. Compass is nearby and is not a bad deal at full price, but if the dishes on the $35 prix-fixe appeal to you, it is one of the best bargains around.

      1. If price is not a concern, then Picholine would be my first choice.


        Telepan, also upscale but not quite as expensive, is another good choice.


        Bar Boulud, less expensive still, is also an excellent option.


        1. Picholine and Bar Boulud would be my first choices.
          I would also check if Cafe Gray at the Time Warner building has reopened.

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              Picholine or JG definite top choices

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                We had a bad Bar Boulud experience on Friday night and I would not recommend it. Our server was poorly trained, and made mistakes that someone in a Boulud restaurant should not make. Plus, it is not as "inexpensive" as the reviews would have you think. If they can't get their act together, it will not make it in this economy.

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                  wow, that surprises me...i haven't been to Bar Boulud in the last few weeks because, after working my way through a good portion of the menu, i've decided that i find their food too buttery and a bit too prissy for my taste...but i've been there several times and have always had impeccable service, from start to finish...what exactly did the server do that made it a bad evening?

            2. Rosa Mexicano
              delicious guac ! ! ! !

                1. If you like food in the vein of Jean-Georges but don't want a lengthy, huge fine dining experience pre-theater, I'd recommend Nougatine, JG's more casual restaurant. However, you really should tell the waiter that you have tickets. We were there a couple of weeks ago and didn't tell the waitstaff that we had concert tickets as it seemed like service was going to be efficient. We got there at 5:30P and left the restaurant at 7:50P because we had such a difficult time flagging waiters for the check.