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Nov 30, 2008 08:11 AM

Fantastic Artisinal Bakery in Winchester

MAMADOU"S bakery has just opened a retail shop at 63 Swanton St. in Winchester, MA. Mamadou opened his bakery over the past summer and his bread was a big hit at the Winchester Farmer's Market that was held every Saturday morning in the park in the center of town. Before opening his own bakery Mamadou was a baker at the Hi-Rise bakery in Cambridge.

I stopped in his new retail shop (which is also where all his breads are made) the day before Thanksgiving and bought a fresh baguette that had just come out of the oven and a loaf of of his Paysan both of which were excellent. He usually has 6 to 8 different freshly made breads available including whole wheat and breads with nuts and raisins. All of them looked delicious.

This bakery is a great addition to Winchester and I hope they are a success

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  1. That sounds great. Hopefully, I can stop by soon. Thanks for sharing!

    1. royron, thanks so much for posting this. I also live in good restnt-starved Winchester.
      I have always bought Iggy's bread for my business but last week, picked up an emergency baguette at La Patisserie. what a joke- all 1.5 ou of it. So , while I have never been a Hi Rise devotee, it's great to learn of this new place; th you.

      1. FYI: I tried to stop by today and found they are closed on Mondays.

        1. I believe that they were also at the Belmont Farmers Market this year. If so, it was great bread. Better than my home-baked bread.

          1. They also sold their breads at the Arlington Farmer's Mkt. The raisin pecan is some of the best I've had.