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Nov 30, 2008 08:07 AM

Applicance Replacement Parts - Not worth it to replace/refurbish

In a recent thread of mine, one of the posters mentioned that a particular manufactuer (Foodsaver) made it near nil to none impossible to get a replacement gasket for his unit.

In the same situation recently, I was recently looking to get a replacement *3 cup nonstick interior pot* for my Zojurushi rice cooker, only to discover it was $25+shipping. I easily just purchased a new 3 cup Zojurishi unit for $108 this week. Not worth IMO spending $30 on a unit that is a couple of years old .

What brands have you encountered that have been the same.

Stange to say, with power tools, there have been times when I sent in a tool back for $30 to get a brushed replaced, and the service factory did a whole refurbish incuding replacing the cord and even changing out some misc odds end at no cost ! Now that's what I call customer service if not keeping brand loyalty!

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  1. I don't understand the problem here.

    Your personal math says you'd prefer to spend $108 on a new machine instead of $25+ shipping on a pot that presumably replaces a pot you've gotten a lot of use out of. My personal math would go the exact opposite direction. I'd be very happy to spend the $25 plus shipping on the new pot so long as my cooker was still working well. $25 just doesn't seem at all unreasonable for such a thing and 3 years of use out of a pot seems pretty reasonable, too.

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      Maybe it's just me....but anything older than 3-4 years electronic related....I'm going to expect it to fail at some point. So at 1/3 price with the possibility of failure, IMO, I'd rather buy than replace.

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        My math works like ccbweb's for the first replacement part. I spent $15 1 year ago for a replacement part for a 10 year old blender - seemed to make more sense then sending the whole thing to a landfill. That part has now failed, so I am on to a new blender.

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          Fair enough. I've had very few problems with electronics of any kind save for the occasionally heavily used computer hard drive. My kitchen electrics, televisions and audio gear have all lasted quite a while. My inclination is to replace relatively inexpensive consumables so long as the main unit is still doing what its supposed to. Lots of room for reasonable disagreement on this sort of question, though.

      2. We have had great luck replacing parts on small appliances. Got a great deal on a pricey espresso maker on Craigslist and with one part replacement it has been an excellent investment. Save loads of money on that one!

        We're currently looking for a replacement part for our Cuisinart food processor. Parts are super-expensive from Cuisinart or other applicance parts dealers, but if we can find the part for cheap on Craigslist or eBay, it'll be a better deal than purchasing a new food processor. If not, we'll purchase a new food processor and sell off the blades, base, etc., of our old one on eBay, which will go a long way towards paying for the purchase of a brand new Cuisinart.

        I would guess that the life expectancy on a Zojurushi rice cooker is way beyond 3 years, so I would have saved $70 and replaced only the pot, not the entire unit. If you haven't already ditched your old rice cooker, you could check on eBay and see how much you can sell the still-functioning part of it for. I'm all for keeping working items out of the landfill, whenever practical.

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          I expect a Zojurushi to last like 10 years..