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Nov 30, 2008 07:47 AM

best vegetarian in Charleston?

any recs for flavorful fresh veggie place southern style okra collards etc Charleston

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  1. Aluette's
    Boulevard Diner
    Tomato Shed Cafe

    Just order sides!

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    1. re: DavidA

      good idea thanks David are these all upscale . any thrity good choices?

      1. re: saminyc

        The only upscale one is SNOBs. All the others are totally casual. But, Aluette's is pricey.

    2. The Daily Dose is a pretty cool vegetarian spot on James Island worth checking out

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      1. re: dcraig

        Loaves & Fishes is more vegetarian sandwiches and salads but it's great,, and cheap.

        1. re: Chocolate Toe

          hey how about Soul Vegetarian my folks went there and raved; all vegan 'cue, slaw, cornbread etc and fantastic desserts. Gosh if I didn't live in NC I'd be there like a shot.

            1. re: saminyc

              ummmm I feel really dumb. It's called Five Loaves Cafe, not Loaves & Fishes. The one I went to is on Cannon St near downtown and CofC - here's their website:
              It has their location.

        2. The ONLY truly vegan restaurant in Charleston is LE Juice on Savannah Hwy in West Ashley, approx 10 minutes from downtown Charleston. They serve really really really good salads, hot soups, smoothies, juices, killer desserts - choc mousse, pies, etc. All the food is organic, kosher and extremely healthy. I love this place and recommend it to everyone! It's down the street from Gene's Hoffbrau on Savannah Hwy - entrance is on Daniel Street. The website is here:

          1. My whole family is vegetarian, and it seems like a majority of the better restaurants in Charleston, the only option was to order sides, which didn't sound appealing.
            Five Loaves was great for lunch
            Outside of southern style, Basil Thai is great if you like Thai food, plenty of vegetarian options.

            Five Loaves Cafe
            43 Cannon St Ste A, Charleston, SC 29403

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            1. re: Dnanana

              Any of the good places in Charleston will acomodate vegan-vegetarian needs. I have a vegan friend, and when we go out, she explains it to the server and the chef fixes her a special plate. The less upscale places often use meat or dairy in their prep of the sides. You have to ask.