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Monmouth County Restaurants with Entertainment

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I'm looking for all Monmouth County, NJ restaurants with decent to great food that has single or duo music entertainment., during the week or on the weekends.
Also, I've had my feet in the sand since moving to the Jersey Shore in 1971. To this day I have not found a place that CONSISTENTLY makes a light and airy thick crust pizza like the ones that came from 3 Brothers in Jersey City, circa 1968-1971, or the ones that were made in the lower east side of NY. If anyone knows of any in the Ocean/Monmouth County areas please let me know. Thanks...Cos

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  1. What about Red in Red Bank?


    I have only had the cheese platter there, so I can't tell you about the food, but I sometimes go there to meet friends and I know th upstairs lounge has entertainment. I don't know what nights, but I was last there in early August and it was a Thurs. and my husband and I sat upstairs and they had a nice lively band.

    Can't help you on the pizza. I have been so disgusted, that I just make my own at home. I have found that Denino's in Aberdeen is really good. Thanks to this board, I found the place.


    Good luck!

    1. Navesink Fishery is a BYO with live entertainment. I have not been there in quite awhile, but I always liked the fish very much. Be sure to stick to classic preparations, i.e. broiled or francaise. I've never been happy with the chef's creative recipes.

      Regarding pizza... I feel your pain. Every place I try is bad. I haven't been to Denino's yet. Actually, I kinda like the brick oven pizza at Whole Foods. It's pretty good for supermarket pizza.

      Navesink Fishery
      36 N State Highway, Middletown, NJ

      1. For excellent thick crust pizza try VIA ROMA in the plaza across from the Ramada INN on RT9 &
        Rt 70 in Toms River!

        1. Crystal Palace (fka Rendezvous), in the Home Fashion Center strip, on Route 9 North, in Manalapan, is a Russian restaurant. We've had lunch there a number of times, and the food's good. Love the vereniki! They have entertainment on weekends -- a band and, I think, vocalists. Tel.: 732-972-5959.

          We've not been to 3 Brothers, but I grew up on the LES. Attilio's, in the A&P shopping strip, on the corner of Routes 79 & 520, in Marlboro, makes what I think is a very good "classic" pizza. The thick crust is not too dense, and there's just the right balance of sauce to cheese.

          1. Basil T's isnt bad and has live entertainment......

            1. Weekend live bands, occasionally week day entertainment can be enjoyed at McDonough's Pub in Keyport. Nice beer selection on tap, real menu mix of sandwiches, platters, entrees and specials. Free parking.

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                I agree. McDonagh's is a really nice place to hang out. Food is pretty good for a pub.

                Mc Donagh's Pub
                2 West Front Street, Keyport, NJ 07735

              2. Moonstruck in AP on Friday's and maybe Saturday's
                Teak in RB on weekends
                and, of course, Chuck E. Cheese's nationwide!

                1. The Falls, the new place in the old Grist Mill space has music, as does Trinity in Keyport. Both are a bit on the pricy side but have good food and drinks.

                  On the less expensive side, McDonagh's and The Cabin in Freehold both fit the bill.

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                    There's a steakhouse in Marlboro/Morganville who's name escapes me that plays live jazz (with a happy hour till 8). Synaxis in Asbury Park has music.

                    McCloone's Supper Club has a lot of live entertainment.

                  2. Giamanos in Bradley Beach has good food and live music in the small bar area upstairs.


                    1. thursday nights shipwreck grill has live jazz

                      1. There is The Four Winds Restaurant (1316 Jefferson Ave, Manasquan, NJ 08736 (732) 223-9579 ) just outside of Sea Girt right off of Route 35 and the Manasquan Circle. They have great food and entertainment on most nights. My husband and I have gone there on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and they always have really good live music.

                        As for pizza, the only pizza I like (well, actually I'm addicted to it and I've never been a pizza person) is the thin-crust pizza at Mack and Manco's Pizza in Ocean City, NJ. It is so good that they have 3 places on the Ocean City boardwalk and another one off the island in Somers Point. You will never like any other kind of pizza after trying this stuff. We were there on Saturday, February 8th and the line to get in stretched across the entire boardwalk. :-) Good luck and enjoy!!!

                        1. There's a great vegetarian restaurant called Jesse's Cafe in West Long Branch (139 Brighton, a block away from west end ave.) that has live jazz on Saturdays and sponsors a great farmers market on Thursdays nearby. Excellent food too.

                          As for pizza, I'm devoted to Brothers Pizza in Red Bank. Pete and Elda's in Neptune, and Bruno's Pizzeria in Farmingdale/Howell. I don't know about thick crust cause I'm from maine and am still in love with that salty thin crust so prevalent here in jersey. But none of the guys listed above have let me down. They remind me of the pizza from the lower east side, when i lived there about five years ago. Good luck and keep us posted on your finds!