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Nov 30, 2008 07:21 AM

Lower Westchester Middle East Grocery Source?

Every time I come up from Brooklyn to visit my folks in Mt. Vernon I ask them if they need anything from Sahadi's. Answer is always no. This year I didn't ask. And this year they said 'damn, we forgot to ask--we desperately need tahini but can only find tiny jars at absurd prices in the 'international' section of the supermarket.
Any ideas of where they can find this and other stuff (good, non-wonderbread pita etc)....? I thought of the Daily Pita place on Broadway in Yonkers or Riverdale--I forget which side of the line it was on------but I guess that's long gone, huh?

And yes,if I visited them more like I should I could mule the stuff to them myself.... I know, I know.....

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  1. JonL, not Mount Vernon, but easy to get to, with free parking. Yaranoush on Central Ave. in WP. Also, down the road a piece on the other side, Dante's Deli. You can load up on Italian and ME goodies at the same time. And boy, does Yaranoush have some good looking, unique stuff.

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    1. re: dolores

      Wow---I think I remember Yaranoush----west side of the road? It's been ages. If that's the one I'm thinking of, I'm surprised they didn't think of it. That would be perfect. Thanks so much.

      1. re: JonL

        yaranush is the best!!! so many great middle eastern products, and the dried fruit selection is unmatched.

        1. re: sparkyspecial

          I am fortunate enough to live within walking distance of Sahadi's so I know all about dried fruits & nuts & seeds & spices & olives & mid-east products and endless things that you didn't even know you needed or wanted until you are there. I can (and do) pick stuff up any/every day coming home from work. Note to self: don't take it for granted!
          Yaranush will be absolutely what my folks are looking for.
          And for posterity----sparkyspecial has the spelling that lights Google up---- Yaranush.