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Nov 30, 2008 07:17 AM

Desperately seeking Swedish meringue roll cake recipe

A swedish/finnish friend makes this cake that is out of this world. And she won't share the recipe. Issues with that aside, I could probably figure out the recipe, but the hard part is making the thin layer of yellow cake topped with an equally thin layer of meringue. This cake is then topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit and rolled.

Can anyone help? I've found a lot of meringue roll recipes but none include the yellow cake.

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  1. Is the meringue a 'hard' baked meringue? Or a meringue type icing? I have a couple of Swedish cookbooks and will take a look.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Thank you! The meringue isn't hard, but not real soft either. Its thin and pliable enough to roll, yet its slightly crisp.

      1. re: Artaud

        Unfortunately - I checked my books, and no luck - one is called "Scandinavian Feasts" and the other simply "Swedish Cooking". I believe the author of the former has a book dedicated to Scandinavian baking, so you might see if you can get your hands on that book to see if it has it.

    2. Is the yellow cake a sponge cake?

      1. There are six Swiss roll (rulltarta) recipes in The Great Scandinavian Cookbook, but none include a layer of meringue. If it is her own invention or a family recipe, that may explain why she is so protective of it.