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Nov 30, 2008 07:12 AM

High Peaks Resort-Lake Placid

Well the High Peaks Resort is the remodeled($30 million dollars worth) Hilton Hotel and the food is fabulous.
3 separate restaurants in the place ;at the bar,in the main dining room,and a tapas selection to boot.
We had the Thanksgiving Brunch that was 100% better than the brunch the old Hilton has been putting on for years.
The chef cut the number of entrees down a lot and improved the quality so that the food was gourmet.
Colossal shrimp instead of the usual mediums and large,the juciest,most tender turkey I've ever eaten,and a dessert table with every item cooked fresh in their kitchen by their own pastry chef!
I didn't know where to start eating and I couldn't even eat a sample of all the outstanding food they had on their buffet tables.
Their new bar (a new Dancing Bears lounge) was relocated downstairs and looks out onto Mirror Lake and they serve the same fine foods as the main dining room and ,in addition,have an outstanding bar menu.
Their sandwiches,which we had for lunch,were just full of meat and not those portion control items that you find elsewhere.
Nothing on the main menu is over $17.95 so that you won't go broke eating a fine meal.
Until 12/19 prices on their food in the lounge is based on the closing of the Dow Jones closing average so,for example on 11/21 a jumbo shrimp cocktail was $8.04 and the rooms were priced accordingly also($80.40/night).
This was a swell way of getting business and has gotten a lot of media play throughout the country.
We had the baby back ribs,several smoked turkey-filled rubens and several jumbo shirmp and the price was $.8.04 for each item---what a bargain!!!
Throughout the buffet the banquet manager visited each table asking patrons if everything was all right and he spent most of the time just getting compliments on his and his staff's outstanding service and at the fine food;(we were listening to people talk.).
This is one place you will want to try when you visit Lake Placid.
The 2nd night there we ate at the Interken Inn behind the Mirror Lake Inn.
As usual the service and food was impeccable.
We ate at the bar and not in the main dining room and you have a choice of their full dining menu or a smaller bar menu which is really gourment.
I had the black truffle fondue,which I usually have,and others had the pulled pork sandwiches and crab cakes.
This place is consistently outstanding in both service and the quality of food served.
The chef even sent out a complimentary appetizer for us all which was was a portion of salt pork covered in one of the tastiest sauces I've ever had.
This item I hope to see on the menu soon also.
This place is not to be missed also for gourmet food as well!!!
We didn't get to try the newly reopened Lake Placid Lodge(which burned last year).
We had cocktails there after dinner and we saw their sumptuous menu as well but alas we had to leave the next day.
We'll try this next time up;perhaps someone else here will have tried the food there and will report back to us.
Good eating all!!!

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  1. We ate there as well and I had the pleasure of meeting catnip and his wife as our dog dragged us about town. As catnip says, the food was outstanding, much better than last year, and it was solid last year. I spent my time eating colossal shrimp, smoked salmon with freshly chopped eggs, onions and capers, turkey and ham. The pastry chef was making bananas foster outside the room and it was great. For an additional $10 we ordered unlimited chandon champagne and our waitress brought over a finer champagne they were also serving.

    The following night we ate at the Caribbean Cowboy. Prices were up a little but portions were bigger and it was all good. :Last night we ate at the Adirondack steak and seafood company for the first time. While the food and service were solid, it was fairly uninspiring.

    Couple or breakfast recommendations, we ate the downhill diner and liked the food. Blueberry bakery next to the movie theater is still turning our great pastry.

    Thanks to catnip for suggesting high peaks...see you next year!

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    1. re: vinouspleasure

      Thanks for your take on Caribbean Cowboy Vinous!
      We'll give that a try again in the next few weeks.
      Nice to hear you were the one gobbling all those colossal shrimp;the banquet manager told me he had to keep refilling the platter---guess he didn't see all the shrimp on my plate either(LOL).
      Nice meeting you and yours up there ;will see you again next year unless you make it up there earlier.
      We'll be up there many times this Winter----so many fine restaurants,so little time to try them all.
      We also got several good comments on Rustica Restaurant up in Price Chopper Plaza.
      We heard the food is great but the place is small and you have to get there early to get seated.
      Will have to give a try next time also.
      We "snacked"at Blueberry Bakery every day as well.
      Their pastries are great and their Apple Strudel is one treat we always take home with us for snacking on.
      We also hit Adirondack Steak and Seafood for lunch.
      Their baked apple over ice cream with nuts,whipped cream,and cherries is great and their clam chowder is so full of clams that you can hardly see the rich,thick broth.
      Actually those were the two items we ate for lunch along with some of their micro-beer.
      Have fun!

      1. re: catnip

        Oh, I just love Lake Placid!! Don't rule out Saranac Sourdough (in front of Caribbean Cowboy) for breakfast or lunch, and the Downtown Diner for break/lunch, too. I heard the Alpine Cellar closed, which was a big disappointment. Enjoy...we're hoping to get there this winter, but it's hard to find a place with a fireplace, and allows a dog.

        1. re: phDuh

          Thanks for reminding us about Saranac Sourdough!
          They have the best home-made hash and eggs in town imo and their freshly made breads and salads are great also.
          Alpine Cellar closed last year i was told but I got the information 2nd hand.
          Lots of places with gas fireplaces these days,fewer places with wood fireplaces,and virtually no places that allows dogs anymore.
          Remember Monty's Elm Tree Inn in Keene?
          The place had many,many dogs,a wood fire,great soups,burgers, and sandwiches.
          I heard that the owner of the building is unwilling to sell the building and let someone reopen this great establishment.---again,2nd hand information.
          Good eating!

          1. re: catnip

            another vote for Carribean Cowboy. it is the only place we eat at in LP. I find the prices a bit high, but the food is great, always generous portions, relaxed atmosphere which is great after a long day climbing, and some of the best key lime pie I have ever had.

            stay away from Charlie's for dinner. awful, overpriced food.

            1. re: anita514

              Since Villa Vespa closed up shop, we still prefer to drive home to Montreal hungry or cook our own if we're hiking. Lake Placid is a food wasteland.

              1. re: bomobob

                It's slim pickings, but Brown Dog Cafe and Wine Bar is worth a trip from anywhere, and Carribbean Cowboy is funky and fun with delicious food.
                Also, the diner gets our vote for breakfast.

                Saranac Sourdough has been a complete disappointment for breakfasts, it's dirty, chaotic and the food hastily and carelessly cooked and plated. On one visit, I actually carried the empty coffee canisters to the counter, asked for refills and replaced them myself, since no one was attending to the dining area.

                1. re: mcf

                  That's funny that you should say what you did about the coffee because we were just up there and you get an empty coffe cup and you fill the coffee cup youself from the many coffee canisters they have lined up with different flavored coffees as well as unflavored coffees.
                  You would have known not to take the empty coffee cup to thecounter as they would have told you to get your own refill as this is the way it's been done for years there.
                  no one behind the counter gets you refills.
                  No one attends the dining area as you order from the counter and the food is brought to you.
                  You get your own utensils and napkins off the counter.
                  Are you sure that you're talking about Sourdough?
                  You comments make me think that you were in another restaurant.
                  Curious Catnip

                  1. re: catnip

                    You misunderstood me; I didn't take my CUP to the counter, I did some housekeeping around the messed up coffee area and brought the CANISTERS to the counter to get them to refill them. Then I replaced them.