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Nov 30, 2008 05:48 AM

Need Italian Resto in Mississauga for Big Event

Good morning fellow Chowhounders, particularly those of you who reside in Mississauga.

My sister is planning a baptism reception for my nephew in January, and she is looking for a good Italian restaurant that is able to host 25-30 people. We are an Italian family, so it needs to be good, LOL. Baptisms are one of the major events in a child's life (for Catholics) so my sister wants this to be special.

The only place she can think of is Piatto Bistro, on Dundas Street West. None of us have ever been there, she is hoping to have dinner there with my BIL soon to make sure the food is acceptable.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Any suggestions are gratefully welcomed.


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  1. Although Piatto is very popular and highly recommended. I was not impressed on two visits there in the past year. The tired environment, ordinary cooking, and stale desserts all at premium prices just isn't good enough these days.
    Try Grano a block south of Square One. Authentic Italian cuisine operated by a competent and caring couple. It's small so they may have to close the restaurant to the public for you. An ideal situation as then you get their undivided attention.
    Grano Ristorante
    (905) 276-1234
    285 Enfield Place, Mississauga, ON L5B 3Y6

    1. Some suggestions for Italian restaurants that could host a large group:

      La Sem Ristorante
      Alexandra's Place

      La Sem
      1275 Eglinton Ave E, Mississauga, ON L4W, CA

      Alexandria Place Ltd
      5555 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M9C, CA

      1. Wonder if Alioli will be good for your occasion. When I want to go for Italian food in that neighbourhood, that's my go to place.

        1. You could try Via Allegro, but it won't be cheap.

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            Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I've passed them along to my sister (the ones in Mississauga). We've decided against going to a restaurant outside of Mississauga only because of the time of year, my sister said that in mid-January, if the weather is bad, she doesn't want people travelling so far from the church to the restaurant.

            I appreciate all the recommendations!

          2. Hi there

            I have held two events- one is a large 50th birthday party and the other a corporate event at Solstice Restaurant (Erin Mills Parkway/Clarkson & Lakeshore) It's not that old so decor is nice and modern and they have a great private room. Being Italian (southern Italian/Calabrese) I'm fussy on food. I love the food here and it's family owned so the person I dealt with Vince was excellent. He did up a great set menu for good price and lots of choices (I hate set menus with only one app and one dessert)
            The other thing I liked is they did some platters and pizzas on the table too and didn't charge me much for that.

            I plan on having my big fat Italian wedding shower there soon. LOL