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Nov 30, 2008 05:05 AM

Minerva in Norwood...Food Good ,Service awful

I had diiner at Minerva on Wednesday. The Food was Good, not great indian. The service was awful. The waiter literally thre the plates at us. They were unfriendly and very slow. Ill
drive elsewhere for indian food after this.

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  1. We eat at Minerva semi-frequently, as it's the best Indian option we have nearby. I agree that the food is good to very good. We have several Indian friends, and they say the food is excellent there, so I'm guessing that some of the more authentic fare (the menu is huge, with dozens of things I've never tried) may be better. You're right about the service, though. It can sometimes border on surly. It's a shame, as the place before it, Jaipur, was one of our favorites, and good service was one of their specialites.

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      Thanks for your comment. I really miss Jaipur. I hope they will improve their service.....for now Ill go to one of several in Framingham. I wonder if their Natick Braanch is that awful service wise.

      1. re: kakalina eats

        I have been to the Natick location, but only for lunch, which they boldly (and probably fraudulently) claim is the largest Indian Buffet in New England. Food was good, service fine for a buffet. Not busy enough for the food to turn over enough, which can be problematic for a buffet. I would return.

      2. re: winedude

        I found the service at Jaipur to be horrendous, too. I mostly did take out and they were unable to correctly estimate how long it would take for my order to be ready. If they said it would be ready in 20 minutes it would easily take twice that long. Once the told me that it would be 30 minutes and given their previous wrong guesses I waited 45 minutes to arrive. I ended up waiting for another 30 minutes. IT soured me so much on the place that I have been afraid to try Minerva. I guess my instincts to stay away were right.