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Nov 29, 2008 09:38 PM

Upgrading Magimix 5150 Feed Tube to XL

Does anyone know if the large bowl and lid of the 5200XL (wide feed tube model, available in europe) will fit a 5150? I found a UK source for spare parts and I'm willing to pay for another large bowl and lid in order to have a larger feed tube.
The feed tube on the 5150 is ridiculous--it's so narrow that it drives me nuts when I'm trying to use the slicing or shredding disks (It requires prep work just to fit food into the tube and I'd like to be able to make french fries that are longer than 1 1/2 inches!)
The site says 5200xl lid is not compatible with any other machine, but it doesn't make sense because the bowls appear to fit all models. I wonder if they're just trying to stop people from buying lower priced machines and upgrading it with a few parts?

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  1. Unfortunately the XL feed tube is not an extra accessory, but a part of a specific model -- 5200XL lid might close onto the 5150 work bowl but most of the 5150 accessories will not work; therefore XL lid is not as a spare part for the 5150. There is no 5150XL available in the US or anywhere else in the world. I guess it is just a matter of product availibility, and marketing constraints.
    Do you make anything else than French Fries with the machine?

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      I know that there is not an XL feed tube/lid available as an accessory for the 5150. To clarify, I was wondering if the only difference between the 5150 and 5200XL was the lid/feedtube and if I could use the 5200XL lid on my 5150.
      Williams Sonoma sells a MagiMix with an XL feedtube--I am not sure what the model is, or if it is exclusive to WS. I don't believe it is a 5200XL because they are not sold in the US. At any rate, I'm diappointed that I did not purchase it instead of my 5150, despite all of the "extras" I received with my 5150.
      I'm surprised to hear that the accessories (I assume you mean the slicing discs?) will not work if I use the XL lid, since the discs are designed to be used with either model--the 5150 or the 5200XL.
      And yes, of course I made more than french fries with the machine (I only tried the french fry disc because I had it). I use it daily for most of my prep work. I've become more accustomed to the machine, but I still dislike the very narrow feed tube and the fact that there is so much space between the top of the lid and the slicing discs when they are in place.
      As a result of this wasted space, when grating parmagiano, for instance, I have to cut a narrow wedge of cheese and when I insert it into the tube and process, the last 1 1/2 inches of cheese simply drops onto the disc (the feed tube doesn't extend down far enough to support the last 1 1/2 inches) and spins around on top of the disc. I personally prefer the lid and feed tube design of my old Cuisinart. It grated and sliced right down to the end--there was no extra food rolling around unsliced. I purchased the MagiMix because of glowing reviews--I can't believe people don't have a problem with the feed tube design. They must use it solely for chopping their onions and garlic.

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        I believe this is an operator error, not a design issue, the discs are meant to be used with the medium bowl, the long stem blade is meant to be used with the large bowl. I recently switch from an 18-year old cuisinart to the MagiMix and I'm very happy with it. Just in case you don't see this. I'll post on the FP thread as well.


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          As I replied on the other thread, this is NOT due to operator error!
          I DO use the middle bowl when using the discs. I read the manual cover to cover, and can even read and understand the French. Before purchasing and using, I read a post on this board, I believe, that also advises that the middle bowl is to be used with the discs.
          You can tell me that when using the discs, the disc is flush with the bottom of the feed tube and nothing is left to roll around on top of the disks?
          I realize it can't be exactly flush, but I'd like to have a little less of my expensive parmagiano wasted when I grate it...
          I think that people should be given an honest asessment of a Magimix--Pros AND cons, before purchasing. I find there's a lot of positive raves out there, probably from people who need to justify the fact that they paid twice as much for a food processor.
          I'm basically happy with the thing, but I think people should be made aware of the fact that the 5150 has a narrow feed tube (this can not be disputed and is not a result of operator error!) and the fact that they may be annoyed by how the discs operate, compared to other machines they've used.

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          Discs are different for the 5150 (small feed tube) and the 5200XL (eXtraLarge feed tube) -- discs are reversible for the 5150 when they are not for the 5200XL. Williams-Sonoma model is smaller 4200XL (14 cups). 5150 and 5200XL are a 16-cup capacity (main bowl). Bowl height is not identical.

      2. The Magimix 5150, which is sold by Chef's Catalog, and the Magimix 4200XL, which is sold by Williams-Sonoma, take the exact same lids and slicing/shredding discs. The metal S blades are different, and the shafts for the slicing/shredding disks are different. The bowls of both machines are the same diameter; the only difference is that the 5150 bowl is deeper, and therefore holds several more cups of processed food. You can order the large feed tube lid from www.thegourmetdepotco.com. They are the "official" parts supplier for Magimix in the United States, as well as for a multitude of other manufacturers. Their retail store is located in San Francisco. I do not know if they actually stock the Magimix parts in their store or if they have to order them, but you can order over the internet. You will need to order the actual cover, and the two pusher inserts. I have the Magimix 4200XL and the 5150, and I'm sure the lids are interchangeable because I've actually tried it. Hope this helps. The website to which I referred lists the lids as being compatible with the Magimix 3150, 5150, 4200, and 5200 food processors. I believe this is an error on their part, as I do not think the 3150 (and the newer 3200) use the same diameter lids as the 5150, 4200, and 5200 models. If you decide to order the lid and pushers, you might want to give them a call to verify that you're getting the parts that will work on your machine. Also, I don't believe you should have so much clearance between the bottom of the feed tube on your machine and the disks. The slicing/shredding disk stem on the 5150 is rather short, but you should not have an inch and a half clearance. There will always be a small piece that escapes the shredding disk, but it should not be that large. For grating fresh Parmesan, I find that this method works best: Let the cheese reach room temperature. Cut it into chunks of approximately one-inch in size. Place the cheese into the work bowl with the chopping blade. Pulse several times to break up the cheese (this makes a lot of noise, but it works great), and then run the machine continuously until it reaches the desired consistency. You won't have any unprocessed chunks of cheese if you use this method. I use this same method for mozarella as well. I like the results better than those I get with the shredding disk.

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          It is not a matter of diameter, but of height. The XL lid will not work properly with the discs on the 5150 because the disc stem will not be long enough for the XL lid that has is higher than the regular one. I agree that all other accessories will work... but not the discs.

        2. The XL lid and feeder tube/pusher will fit the 5150 just fine provided you use the extra long disc adapter. I have just upgraded my machine for under $75.00 plus shipping . The Gourmet Depot Co. has the parts and they fit and operate on the 5150 as if it were standard. The part nos. are MMRO17331(XL PUSHER), MMRO17333(BLACK XL LID) and MMRO103997(XL DISC ADAPTER). I hope this makes other users of this really nice piece of kitchen equipment as happy as I am.

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            THANK YOU for sharing this info. I know this is an older thread but this is really informational considering no other sites really clarify this issue including Magimix dot com.

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              FABULOUS post. THANK YOU! With a little tweaking of the part numbers, I got a large feed tube top with a white handle to match my machine, and a longer stem. The longer stem is critical since the top is a higher dome. The poster who has over an inch between the blade and the lid probably did not have a longer stem. The XL top works just fine with the 5150. I've used slicing, grating, single-sided, double sided, and chopping blades. All work great. Thanks again.