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Nov 29, 2008 09:38 PM

Tomato Pie Vs. Pizza

On a recent trip to Philly I discovered Tomato Pie... The locals claim that it's a bit different from pizza given that the sauce is the key and loaded on top.... It was truly a good pie or pizza according to me.... Any comments on Tomato pie vs. pizza? Any good tomato pie in L.A.?

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  1. I don't know about L.A., but the difference is that it is served cold or room temperature, and has no cheese. Generally the sauce is chunkier and more garlic-y than a regular pizza. I love it!

    1. I used to see this in Trenton, and it was just a really good pizza. There was one restaurant in particular who advertised "tomato pies" -- and it was a pizza joint. I recall that the sauce was of the fresher, redder variety than what you find at the chain places, and I do think they were more liberal with their tomato sauce. The chains and the take-and-bake pizzas have very little tomato sauce compared to these delicious pizzas, but the tomato pie was still a pizza. Given the variations that we accept for pizza these days, I would find it hard to distinguish a tomato pie made in this manner from just another variety of pizza. The serving temperature was consistent -- hot and fresh, right out of the oven. No cold pizza in that restaurant.

      1. I'm from Philly. Yes, tomato pie is good, but I prefer pizza more. I've never had it outside of Philly, though.

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          Its available outside of Philly. My family lives in Delaware and we can get it here. Its big in New Jersey and New York as well.