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Nov 29, 2008 08:33 PM

Interim Seattle Coffee Post

I have two days left in my week long trip to your lovely city, and have happily been making my way through your local coffee shops. I'd love some guidance about how to finish up my trip. My poison of choice is a 12 oz latte, a perfectly frothed pitcher of milk with tight bubbles and a free-flowing, almost unctuous texture is a must, and here's what I've experienced so far:

Favorite: Zeitgeist. I love everything about this spot. Fun interior, friendly staff, and beautifully frothed milk.

Second place: Stumptown. Not a Seattle native, but always a favorite of mine.

Third place:Top Pot. It might be the exceptionally large, fluffy, and delicious doughnut talking, but I enjoed Top Pot (Capitol Hill location). The froth was a little dry for my taste, but overall it was very enjoyable.

Not so great: Uptown Espresso. Not bad, but the branch on Steward/5th (?) has an interior that's a little worse for wear, the barista seemed to still be asleep at 10 am, and the entire place was desserted. Mediocre latte, nothing I couldn't expect to get at a better branch of S'buck's or Tully's.

I passed by several Cherry Street coffee locations, as well as somewhere called Ink (a new name for an existing coffee shop). Are either worth a visit, and where else should I go on my ongoing quest for the perfect latte?


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  1. Try:
    Any of the Fuel coffee locations.
    Any of the Cafe Vita locations.
    Zoka in Tangletown.
    Aster in Ballard,
    Java Bean in Ballard.
    Trabant Coffee and Chai (u-dist or pioneer square)
    Sureshot (u-dist)

    Or skip the latte and get a Cubano at El Diablo on top of Queen Anne.

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    1. re: jaydeflix

      Thanks, all. I've been thinking about spending an afternoon in Queen Anne. From a foodie perspective, is that worthwhile? My sister and I need a nice lunch suggestion where we can sit for an hour. Then we'd grab some coffee at El Diablo and do some window shopping. Yea or nay?

    2. Have you also tried Vivace, Victrola and Ladro? Also, one of my favorites is Monorail Espresso (across from US Bank building).

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      1. re: karen2006

        The Lladro in the 801 Tower on Pine Street (or is it Pike?) and 8th is a favorite o' mine.

      2. you should try more seattle coffee roasteries, not just coffee shops, to be able to say you really *experienced* seattle coffee! try victrola on east pike street (watch them roast on weekdays), vivace on broadway, herkimer on greenwood ave, lighthouse in fremont. have fun!

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        1. re: sarahjunk

          I think you can't go wrong with Vivace and Vita, both of which are also mentioned above. I also like Bauhaus, as much for the cool space as the coffee. And my wife swears by Fuel (19th Ave location). There are also some good off-brand, strictly local places; I like BTG on Madison, though they keep somewhat eratic hours.

          The top of Queen Anne and the stretch of 15th Ave near Group Health on Capitol Hill both function as pretty much museums of Seattle coffee -- all the brands seem to congregate in these places.

          1. re: pusherman

            Aha. Then to the top of Queen Anne I shall venture tomorrow. Thanks, all!

          2. re: sarahjunk

            I don't care for the coffee at Herkimer but the Highlands Blend at Diva is fantastic.