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Nov 29, 2008 06:09 PM

tulsa to tyler texas

I will be driving to my inlaws in Tyler for Christmas from St. Louis and we are going via Tulsa to Tyler. Any good chowhound eats along the drive? Probably lunch on the road and then restaurants around Tyler while we are staying there with Family. Anywhere up to a half hour outside of Tyler would be about as far as we would probably go.

all sorts of food welcomed. Tex mex recs would be good though as we can't get it in STL.


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  1. Bernard's Mediterranian is good, but for a real "dining experience" drive a little south of Tyler to the burg of Bullard and find Keippersol Estates. The food is super and the wine is absolutely out of this world. A gorgeous place.

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    1. East Texas Hamburger Company is in Mineola , which is no more than 30 mins north of Tyler .....handmade french fries and very good burgers......I think I have seen talk of TexMex in Tyler on this board before; have you tried the search feature of this board ? I would hate to see you miss out on your TexMex fix......

      1. Tex-Mex is on every other street corner. The most popular family-owned, non-chain places are the two Gilbert's El Charo restaurants. #1 is the original and true T-M. #2 is too nice and fancy (although it's not their fault - the old one burned down a few years ago and they had to rebuild). My favorite T-M place is Margarita's -- in an old house on East Front Street.