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Nov 29, 2008 05:50 PM

Senape's Pitza?

Just got back from a trip to visit my parents new home in the poconos (sort of). They both grew up in northeastern PA (NEPA), and are retiring back to their roots. While we were up there for the holiday, I discovered the most awesomely unique pizza-type-thing in a while. Senape's bakery in Hazleton, PA.

They have some good breads and rolls and stuff, but their specialty is this "pitza". They sell it already baked, but at room temp, wrapped up in boxes of 12 square pieces. It's very saucy, but a good, tasty, salty tomato sauce with a little sharp cheese on top. The crust is really soft, and it's good cold or crisped up in the oven.

We actually transported a box of it back to Knoxville, Tennessee with us tonight and some mysterious chemical reaction happens to make it better after sitting around un-refrigerated all day long. I was skeptical when I saw them selling day old and two-day old pitza in the store, but now I get it. Anyone know about this magical food?


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  1. I agree it is unique and gets better with age. I worked in Hazleton over 20 years ago. They made a coconut long john donut that was out of this world. Any chance we get to travel through Hazleton we stop. The cheese on the pizza is not traditional mozzarella but a cheese they call "sca muzz"

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      So it's like a tomato pie but with a little more grated cheese on top? or is the scamorza cooked on top? I agree tomatp pie done in this style (Sarcones, Marciano's, the place in Willowgrove/Warminster) definitely last a day or two and I never heat them.

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        OMG, Senapes! I can't believe there's a thread about this... wonderful and addictive. Almost like eating potato chips, you can have just one slice. My husband's from Freeland, PA and we've been eating this for years.

    2. Just love/hate Senape's Pitz.
      As a child, I grew up in Philly, then as a teenager relocated to Freeland. This stuff was originaly SO VERY strange! I also could not get with the concept of eating pizza cold. But with Senape's this is the approved way. Was never even offered it hot.
      These days, it's on my list of old-time things I'm dying to experience again. It definately has a unique taste, and I've gotta see if I love it or hate it.
      Probably not happinin in the near future, though. I'm a full-time caregiver and can't get that many hours off to drive to the Poconos.
      I'd definately pay money if they shipped it.....Heck, it would ship well....Why won't they ship me some......(grrr....gnawgnawgnaw....jones)

      1. So glad to hear that others like it too! There will definitely be a box of Senape's coming home with me after every visit to Hazelton from now on.

        While we're at it...we also had lunch at the Knotty Pine in Hazelton. It had a lot of character, and I found out my mom used to be a waitress there when she was a teenager in the late 60's. I bet it looks exactly the same now as it did back then.

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          You think that is good, you should try Rostas bar pie withthe scamutz cheese... very good. It is just down the road on 924. I think scamutz cheese is goat milk, isn't it?