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Nov 29, 2008 05:03 PM

Best Fish & Chips (and Gravy) in Richmond Hill area?

Ok. So we all probably know that the Old Galley has closed (anyone know why? or if it's gone for good? or if it's coming back at a new location or something??). Anyhow that was my favourite place to get my fish and chips fix. Fresh cut fries, amazing gravy and of course the FISH! Can someone tell me a place in the Richmond Hill area (preferably around the same area Old galley was as I live in/around that area) that has fish & chips (and gravy) just as good (or even better) than Old Galley?? I'm hoping it has the same quality and quantiy as well. Thanks !

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  1. I wish I knew why the Galley was closed. I have tried to call to see if they have a message explaining but no deal. As for other Fish and Chips. I have heard good things but have only had the breakfest so far(Which was very good). It's at Bayview Major Mack on the North West corner in the Allencourt plaza. Its tucked right in the corner near the Dollarama(you really have to look for it) Its a small greasy spoon, very clean inside and I have heard from more then one person that the fish and chips are great. I'm not sure of the name of the place, maybe Allen Court fish and chips? lol. Good luck!

    1. I've had the fish and chips at Allencourt Restaurant and they are very good. The fish especially, a nice crisp batter with no grease residue and a sweet piece of halibut inside. The fries are big and soft inside, not thin cut. I like them, but some might not. Can't talk about the gravy because I've never had it.

      1. I think the only other choice in the area is York F&C at 10909 Yonge (above Elgin Mills)-I'll have to do a taste test against Allencourt, which I haven't tried yet.

        1. There is one more on Levandale. Look's pretty shabby inside, but the food is quite good.

          1. Bob's Fish & Chips is well worth a taste test

            In a decrepit strip plaza, it's a time capsule from the mid-60s

            Fries are fresh cut and properly thick

            Batter crisp, no goo factor

            The joint reeks from the ongoing fried food festival,
            olfactory-compromised comrades beware

            Halibut & Chips $6.49
            Interesting neighbours

            24 Levendale Road
            Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4H2, Canada
            (905) 884-7881