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Best Fish & Chips (and Gravy) in Richmond Hill area?

Ok. So we all probably know that the Old Galley has closed (anyone know why? or if it's gone for good? or if it's coming back at a new location or something??). Anyhow that was my favourite place to get my fish and chips fix. Fresh cut fries, amazing gravy and of course the FISH! Can someone tell me a place in the Richmond Hill area (preferably around the same area Old galley was as I live in/around that area) that has fish & chips (and gravy) just as good (or even better) than Old Galley?? I'm hoping it has the same quality and quantiy as well. Thanks !

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  1. I wish I knew why the Galley was closed. I have tried to call to see if they have a message explaining but no deal. As for other Fish and Chips. I have heard good things but have only had the breakfest so far(Which was very good). It's at Bayview Major Mack on the North West corner in the Allencourt plaza. Its tucked right in the corner near the Dollarama(you really have to look for it) Its a small greasy spoon, very clean inside and I have heard from more then one person that the fish and chips are great. I'm not sure of the name of the place, maybe Allen Court fish and chips? lol. Good luck!

    1. I've had the fish and chips at Allencourt Restaurant and they are very good. The fish especially, a nice crisp batter with no grease residue and a sweet piece of halibut inside. The fries are big and soft inside, not thin cut. I like them, but some might not. Can't talk about the gravy because I've never had it.

      1. I think the only other choice in the area is York F&C at 10909 Yonge (above Elgin Mills)-I'll have to do a taste test against Allencourt, which I haven't tried yet.

        1. There is one more on Levandale. Look's pretty shabby inside, but the food is quite good.

          1. Bob's Fish & Chips is well worth a taste test

            In a decrepit strip plaza, it's a time capsule from the mid-60s

            Fries are fresh cut and properly thick

            Batter crisp, no goo factor

            The joint reeks from the ongoing fried food festival,
            olfactory-compromised comrades beware

            Halibut & Chips $6.49
            Interesting neighbours

            24 Levendale Road
            Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4H2, Canada
            (905) 884-7881

            1. Yes, Allencourt F&C is very good. As for gravy, try Big Joe's at Yonge and Elgin Mills. Thick, dark, dense and flavourful. Otherwise, you can always get some at New york Fries, inside of Hillcrest Mall food court. One of the best mass produce commercial version IMO.

              1. We went to the Old Galley about a month ago or so and we noticed a "For Lease" sign on the outside. When our waitress came over, we asked her what was going on. She said that they are closing but they are looking for another location. She said that they would probably relocate a little more north on Yonge St. She mentioned a desserts cafe north of the Old Galley location. It sounded like it could be a while since they were still looking for a new location. She didn't mention why they were relocating. We were lucky to visit that last night to get our fish and chips!

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                  I wonder if she was talking about Cosmopolitan Bistro. It closed recently. They weren't open for very long. I didn't even get a chance to try them. The "new" Old Galley space is huge and maybe they had trouble filling it.

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                    i was at Old Galley 3 days before it closed, much to my surprise!
                    our waitress said that the landlord had evicted them (he was jacking up rates to such a level that they couldn't afford to pay). Furthermore, she said they were looking for another location but didn't think it would necessarily happen. The blue rinse crowd will have to find something else...

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                      If Old Galley relocates to this space (ex-Cosmo, ex-Place in the Sun, ex-??), they would be at least the 3rd, and possibly 4th, resto to try this spot. Could it be cursed? Incidentally, the place across the street (currently a Japanese/Korean fusion) is also on at least its fourth go-round in the last 5-6 years. The only place to make it here is the venerable Steer Inn (still the source of the best onion rings in Richmond Hill!).

                      However, with new apartments going in both north and south of it, perhaps there will be enough additional traffic to make a go of it.

                      Oh, and as for other fish & chips - York is overpriced, Bob's is OK if you don't mind the (cough) retro atmosphere, and Allencourt was not horrid, but I prefer Bob's. Never tried gravy at either spot.

                  2. Thanks for all the replies. In the next couple of weeks I'll try all 3 places mentioned and report back here with my opinion. If any others come to mind in the meantime, please feel free....

                    1. Ok.. so did Bob's Fish and chips today. Order 1 order halibut and fries with a gravy.. came to $7.38. Definatley comparable to Old Galley, was quiet when I got there so got my order quickly. Very generous portion of halibut. Was a pinch greasier than I'm used to but I think that's because it came fresh directly out of the deep fryer and wasn't just "lying around". The taste of the fish piece though made up for that. The fries were very good as was the gravy. Fries not cut as thick as Old Galley's but definatley comparible in taste (if actually not better IMO). He could have given more as the portion of fries was smaller than I'm used to , but not overly small, a decent portion for those who can't eat those huge portions given by some other places. Overall I'm satisfied with the place and would definatley go again...... I'll do the other two places in the near future and report back here.

                      1. Today was Allencourt Restaurant Fish and Chips day. Ordered 1 order Halibut, Fries and small gravy. Total came to $10.34. So far the most expensive. Your order is made right in front of your eyes. Halibut size and fries portion was good size though, not too small. I found the fries a tad dry on the inside. But putting the gravy on them made them better. The gravy taste somewhat reminded me of gravy bought at KFC, so it was pretty good IMO. The fish as I said was a generous portion of fish, lightly battered and as someone else said not overly greasy at all. Decent meal but high price compared to elsewhere. I wouldn't shy away from the place but so far my choice is Bobs (but he closes pretty early, 7pm IIRC - so if Bob's is closed Allencourt would be currently a close second). I'll try York Fish and chips in the next week or so and same report back here.

                        1. Tonight went to York Fish and chips. Very friendly people. Order was 2 halibut and chips with gravy. total came to $20.74 (so about 10.37 per person). First off tonight is a very bad winter night for driving and the distance to this place from my house is about 10-15 minutes on a good day/no traffic. So you can imagine tonight, but was craving F&C so out I went. So got it home and NO GRAVY! Argh, they forgot the gravy and no way was I going all the way back out to get just gravy. And that's how I eat my F&C, gravy on the
                          fries and a tad on the fish as well. Needless to say without the gravy the food was still quite good. Fries were excellent (believe they are hand cut) and the fish was a generous portion with no overly greasy residue. The fries portion was a bit small (but I'm starting to wonder if I just got spoiled at Old Galley with their fries portion). Anyhow this place ranks above Allencourt for the taste so my outcome is Bobs First, York 2nd, allencourt 3rd. If they have good gravy too it may put it into a tie with Bobs.

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                            thanks for the reviews. i've enjoyed reading the commentary on the various places!

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                              Thanks for the reviews! Old Galley was also my most favourite fish and chips place.. I was quite disappointed (devastated, more like!) when I found out it closed. I really hope it opens up somewhere else.

                              I also tried Bobs and Allencourt based on your suggestions..

                              Bobs was super cheap, but do not expect fancy decor. The halibut portion was quite a good size, thick and yummy, and prices were dirt cheap. Owner was very nice. But it was a very cold day when we went and it did not seem like they turned on the heat?? We had to eat with our winter jackets on. Regardless, the fish was quite good and I will be back again.

                              Allencourt had a nicer "family restaurant" atmosphere, but naturally the prices were higher. Fish was a big piece, but quite thin (thinner than Old Galley and Bob's). Batter was very good, almost as good as Old Galley. Staff was very friendly.

                              I have yet to try York. I've also tried Harbour Fish & Chips at the Peanut Plaza (Don Mills & Finch-ish).. they have yummy halibut (but thinner than Old Galley) , fries are very potato-y and good. Owner is one of the nicest ever!

                            2. Ok.. Just a small update. Went back to York Fish and chips tonight and got the gravy. I like the gravy so IMO the ranks it in a tie with Bobs. So most likely I'll alternate between the two places each time.

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                                This might be a little out of the way for you, but Mr Fish & Chips in Markham/Unionville is a great place for halibut. I tried it out today and I think their halibut is on par with Old Galley (no small feat). Better than the other "replacements" I've tried so far. It's at 4361 Highway 7 (hwy 7, west of kennedy). Only caveat for me was that they don't use the PC packet tartar sauce that I love, and their prices are higher than Old Galley. But it's DELICIOUS! :)

                              2. No need to search elsewhere now.. the OLD GALLEY IS BACK! It's called New Galley now and it's in the plaza on the North-East corner of Yonge Street and Elgin Mills Road (where the T-Jays used to be and also where the Macs convience and pizza pizza is). I know it's them because I saw the owner inside this week and a couple of other familiar faces. They were not open yet but it looked almost ready to go.

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                                  that is excellent news!! Thanks for the update!

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                                      The New (Old) Galley is open for business. I drove by yesterday and saw the open sign and went in to say hello and welcome back.

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                                        Tried Bob's today, good size piece of Halibut for $6.50. Not the most desirable decor, but some of the best food comes from "hole in the wall" restaurants.

                                    2. The fish and chips here are a wonderful surprize..resteraunt small but boy the taste is sensational...the chips are real potatoes and not the ones that are blanched first..the taste is something you have to try and you will never go back to the places like harveys that do offer fresh but they are blanched first and the taste is different..I love food and the fish is a bit greasy but the taste is unbelievabley good.I am fortunate I live not far so I get delivery which is fast and no delivery charge..try this resteraunt if you love your fish and chips..oh and the shrimp too is delicious!!!!

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                                        It would help if you provided a name of the restaurant in question.