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Nov 29, 2008 04:59 PM

Danbury CT and Brewster NY

Are there any recomendations for good, inexpensive lunch and dinner places between Brewster NY and Danbury Connecticut?

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  1. Rosey Tomorrows in Danbury has a large menu and is not expensive. It's located just as you enter Danbury. Right on the NY/Conn border.

    1. Jim Barbaries in Danbury.Excellect food and good value.

      1. Jaipore Royal Indian Cuisine is not far out of the way. See my map on Google Maps:
        I have a few listed for the Danbury area. Most of Brewster area is a wasteland.

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        1. re: Scargod

          Most of Putnam County (save for Cold Spring/Garrison) is a restaurant wasteland, and has been so in my entire lifetime, from when I grew up there to when I visit now to see my folks. Danbury has some more options. Search the threads and you'll find some... Jaipore in Brewster is indeed decent.

        2. Marcus Dairy Bar is fantastic in an old school dairy bar CT kind of way. had a perfect hot open turkey sandwich and a milkshake there a few weeks ago. nothing fancy, absolutely great. enjoy fb p.s. the marcus dairy bar is right off the highway where rt. 7 meets 84.

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          1. re: frankbooth

            What is the status of Marcus Dairy Bar? I don't live near by but heard it was closed down to build retail space, restaurants etc. Has is been rebuilt or just never closed down? Would love to get some up to date info.

          2. Raaci's (spelling) on route 6 is pretty good - home made pastas etc.
            Spazi in Danbury on Mill Plain Road - pretty good in a pinch.
            Chuck's Steak House - lunch is really reasonable - 12 littleneck clams, steamed in wine, garlic, huge salad bar and breads for $11. - really good and damn cheap.
            Jaipore is really good - have o agree with Scargod on that one.
            Rosy's is ok but everything is over salted and not sure why as it's not a chain.
            Bangkok in Danbury - decent Thai food.
            Can't think of anything else!