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Nov 29, 2008 04:50 PM

Taste Good Beijing Cuisine - Milpitas

I almost never post on Chowhound, but today I momentarily pause my Chowhound freeriding ways to speak up about this great restaurant.

It's only got 3 reviews on Yelp, and the owner/chef was very surprised to hear that I found the place not by word of mouth in person, but on the internet. The place is very small -- I would say seats 40 max, and is cash only. It looks like the owner/chef and two assistants hold down the fort while one waitress manages the entire floor -- yes, all 40 seats.

I'm from San Gabriel in Southern California, so I've had my fill of Northern Chinese cooking both at home and eating out. One thing that Taste Good Beijing does better than anything I've had outside of Xi'an, China? Rou Jia Muo, or Meat Stuffed Chinese Muffins.

The muffin is particularly difficult to do well -- the exterior should be very dry and chewy, while the inside is slightly softer. Folklore has it that the armies of the various dynasties that passed through Xi'an would half bake the muffin (I honestly don't know what to call it in English - muffin or pancake or ?), then either stuff it with the stewed meat they cooked on the road, or soak it in steaming lamb soup.

While I wouldn't say that the muffin from Taste Good Beijing was just like the ones I grew up on in Xi'an, it is the best restaurant version I've had in California. The flavor of the meat is spot on - lots of cumin, cilantro, and spicy peppper. One bite gave you lots to chew on. At $2.95 each, this is more than enough to stuff you for lunch.

I also got their house dumplings to go in frozen form, which made me a little suspicious that this was just frozen dumplings for a package. Not so! The wrapper was chewy, and the filling was giant. Definitely the handiwork of someone who knows how Beijingers make dumplings. I just wish I didn't butcher them by overcooking them.

The owner/chef commented that he'd never seen me before, but really really really wanted me to come back again after taking my somewhat strange order. I will be back -- even if I have to drive 45 minutes each way.

76 S Abel St
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 262-9439

Taste Good Beijing Cuisine
76 S Abel St, Milpitas, CA 95035

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  1. A dish a yelper mentioned that was good was Xinjiang la tiaozi (Xinjiang lamb noodles). Also, the chef/owner from Beijing will make special dishes on request. Beijing style snacks are available on weekends.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about this! We are short on northern Chinese in this area, so I definitely want to try this out.


      1. Thanks for posting, can't wait to give it a try. Chowhound "tanspace" has some photos of the dishes on his blog, including the "muffin".

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          1. re: Cicely

            Or idli or pide!

            (This reminds me of our chowdown at Darbar in SF some years ago where many of us had maki ki roti for the first time and insisted that it was a gordita!)

        1. just curious, are these guys chinese muslims? some of the great dishes in Xi'an were introduced by chinese muslims (hui, or qing zhen). i can't wait to try their rou4 muo2. thanks for the tip :)

          did you see any other Xi'an specific dishes worth checking out?

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          1. re: da bin dan

            No, they are not Chinese muslims. In fact the Rou Jia Muo was stuffed with pork.

            Another point of interest after I looked at their menu (owner mentioned that he might change the menu soon, tweaking I think) is that they have Beijing Lamb Hot Pot.

          2. i'm surprised about the lack of discussion on this restaurant, considering the amount of discussion on beijing (alemany, sf), and i think i like taste good better. we got stir-fried pancake (garlicky goodness), stir-fried chicken innards, stir-fried tofu strips -- all very flavorful and homey. also good (but not as good as the others) were the cold silver noodles, mushroom soup casserole, and lamb skewers. part of their menu reminded me of beijing, with the dumplings, beef/pork pancakes, and flour balls, altho we didn't get a chance to try any of those here. they also sell beijing yogurts, which remind me of fage, but i've been told that they taste like the real deal by people who grew up in beijing. and they take credit card now.

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            1. re: wahbahdoo

              Thanks for reviving this thread. What else do you like in the Milpitas area?

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I tried to go last Friday, but all the small tables were full and the owner was pretty inhospitable and refused to accommodate us for a quick meal at one of the larger tables that were open.

                Luckily, the huge strip mall where it is located has dozens of other restaurants, and we ended up at Darda for some Chinese Islamic. It was tasty, but I think the Chowhound conventional wisdom that it's good though not amazing is accurate. The knife cut noodles were good with a nice chewy firm texture, but the toppings left something to be desired. The house chili sauce tasted pretty generic.

                There's also a restaurant next door that offers Malaysian/Singaporean cuisine, but the menu looked more generic Thai. Maybe the right set of questions when seated inside would produce some Malaysian eats.