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Nov 29, 2008 04:39 PM

Brunch in Tujunga

Is there a casual, inexpensive but yummy spot for brunch in Tujunga for tomorrow? It doesn't have to be fancy at all.

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  1. in that area, I used to be late breakfast regular at Jeremy's in La Crescenta...exit at Pennsylvania off the 210...head southeast, Pennsyl. turns into to Honolulu . curves to the southeast....Jeremy's is at the northeast corner of Ramsdell and Honolulu a block or so east of Pennsyl. Great scrambled eggs rancheros, omelets,...ask for extra red and green salsa. good pancakes, hash browns. not brunch, but served late. caveat...i haven't been there in over 2 yrs. (different relationship, different eating habits these days).

    also in Tujunga, on Foothill... absolutely no guarantees, but I know it meets your geographic preference...1) i have never been for brunch, and 2) haven't been there in over 7 was acceptable, very standard Mexican combo plate fare - you said it didn't have to be fancy- that I can guarantee. the Little Joselito's in Montrose is always packed with families looking for acceptable Mexican fare, ....sorry, there is not a lot available in Tujunga... you might be more successful in La Crescenta along Foothill, or Montrose.

    1. Al Read's
      10504 Mount Gleason Ave
      Tujunga, CA 91042
      (818) 353-9070
      up a mile or two from the 210 fwy
      off at Sunland Blvd go uphill
      Classic Menu
      Sandwiches to Steaks
      Bar Fun Sports TV
      Back Room Spacious Quiet
      Across from Vons/Citibank
      Foothill @ Mt. Gleason

      1. I'm late to the game for your needs, but Rocky Cola Cafe in Montrose, a scant few miles from Tujunga (from which this is written) could fill your needs. No alcohol, if that matters. Corner of Honolulu and Verdugo. Straight - up diner food, juke boxes at the tables and all.