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Nov 29, 2008 04:25 PM


OK, so my wife, two boys and I just got back from Gnocchi, a BYO place on Passyunk Ave. between Bainbridge and South.

The experience and the food were OK except for, you guessed it, the gnocchi. Didn't have that hand-rolled feeling of a lot of places, more like someone had chopped a long log into pieces. We had three different kinds, pumpkin, spinach and classic, and none of us liked it much (although I thought the red sauce on the classic was pretty good.

Anyway, it got me thinking: if a restaurant named Gnocchi doesn't have the best gnocchi in town, who does?

(We once went to a place on South Broad around Tasker, but can't remember the name. I thought they had out of this world gnocchi but haven't been back in awhile.)

Anyway - what are YOUR favorite places for gnocchi?

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    1. do a search on this board. This topic was covered in the last 2 months. Many suggestions for great gnocchi were given.

      1. Vetri- spinach gnocchi with brown butter and ricotta salata.

        1. cucina forte (if I can't get to Vetri)

          1. I can tell you where NOT to go. My sis went to Allison II, in Ft. Washington this weekend & had their gnocchi & scallop appetizer. Yuck. The dough had been rolled into a log, then just cut into flat round lumps. No finesse, not a very good taste.