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OK, so my wife, two boys and I just got back from Gnocchi, a BYO place on Passyunk Ave. between Bainbridge and South.

The experience and the food were OK except for, you guessed it, the gnocchi. Didn't have that hand-rolled feeling of a lot of places, more like someone had chopped a long log into pieces. We had three different kinds, pumpkin, spinach and classic, and none of us liked it much (although I thought the red sauce on the classic was pretty good.

Anyway, it got me thinking: if a restaurant named Gnocchi doesn't have the best gnocchi in town, who does?

(We once went to a place on South Broad around Tasker, but can't remember the name. I thought they had out of this world gnocchi but haven't been back in awhile.)

Anyway - what are YOUR favorite places for gnocchi?

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    1. do a search on this board. This topic was covered in the last 2 months. Many suggestions for great gnocchi were given.

      1. Vetri- spinach gnocchi with brown butter and ricotta salata.

        1. cucina forte (if I can't get to Vetri)

          1. I can tell you where NOT to go. My sis went to Allison II, in Ft. Washington this weekend & had their gnocchi & scallop appetizer. Yuck. The dough had been rolled into a log, then just cut into flat round lumps. No finesse, not a very good taste.

              1. Roberto's formerly Fingers in Erdenheim (Bethelhem Pike just past Chestnut Hill. There for lunch today. They have hand made gnocchi on the menu. I ordered the salmon burger. I expected reconstituted salmon ala Trader Joe's or a croquette. Wrong!. It was a piece of real fish on a bun. $7.99 Thus, the gnocchi is worth a try, Nice people and good service

                1. Hosteria Da Elio for ricotta gnocci.

                    1. The best gnocchi in Philadelphia aren't in Philadelphia, they're in Collingswood, at Nunzio Ristorante Rustico. Nunzio Patruno, the chef-owner, used to be the chef at Monte Carlo Living Room on South Street. His gnocchi are amazing. A bonus is that it's a BYO. You can request a pasta sampler, with gnocchi being on of the choices--wonderful.

                      Second choice would be Franco's Trattoria, in East Falls (Kelly Drive where Route 1 crosses over). Franco Faggi is a former wine importer who helped Nunzio on weekends, then opened his own place, and snagged some of the staff from Monte Carlo when they closed. His gnocchi are a close second to Nunzio's.

                      Buon Appetito!

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                        I second the motion on Nunzio's gnocchi... mmm.... oh, and the rest of their food was really good too. :)

                      2. In my opinion, the absolute best gnocchi in Philly is from Pesto, a place on Broad and Mifflin. The place I think you're thinking of is Fraco and Luigi's (I think they changed the name now to High Note Cafe) which is on Broad and Tasker. I love that place but haven't had their gnocchi. Anyway, Pesto has AMAZING pesto gnocchi--out of this world gnocchi and the best pesto sauce I've ever tasted. The prices are reasonable and the service is nice too. It's one of my fave restaurants in Philly.

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                          I have heard very good things about Pesto as well. We are in love with Scannicchio's, at Broad and Porter (very close to Pesto), and haven't gotten to the point where we want to make the jump to the other side of the street yet. I do want to try Pesto, though.....

                        2. I'm not a gnocchi maven, but I can tell you that the gnocchi at Cucina Forte are sublime.

                          1. branzino is also worthwhile. i haven't had it in a while, but i've always found it very light for gnocchi. it pretty much melts in your mouth. if you do end up going there, make sure you get the mussels as an appetizer too.