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Nov 29, 2008 03:11 PM

Looking for great Mexican in Tucson

With our son now in school in southern Arizona, we find ourselves in Tucson on a monthly basis. We are looking for a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant with great food. At a friend's recommendation, we tried Mi Nidito yesterday. We were not impressed with the food or the ambiance. We would like something smaller and more authentic.

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  1. For authentic, try Cafe Poca Cosa. For authentic and smaller, try little Poca Cosa. Both are downtown. Cafe Poca Cosa is a fine dining restaurant, while little Poca Cosa--same owners--is much more casual and very reasonable.

    For more traditional (read: tacos, tamales, etc.), I like El Mezon del Cobre, which features seafood, as well. A small place with very good food and reasonable prices is Lerua's,

    On the southside some options other than Mi Nidito are El Dorado and Crossroads. All are OK. Frankly, I'm not a huge fan of South Tucson Mexican food.

    1. the burritos at St Mary's Mexican Food are amazingggg! I've only tried the chicken one, but its huge, the tortillas are very fresh, and its stuffed with only chicken, so you get a lot! Melt in your mouth delicious, and its great with the little sauce cups they give you. Pretty cheap too! It's an order-at-the-counter type food, but with no drive thru. It's on St Mary's (which turns into 6th street), just past I-10 (west of it) on the north side of the street a few blocks down.

      1. It's so sad that Mi Nidito isn't what it used to be, I've been going there for 35 years, and last time I went I cut into my chile relleno to see what looked like Velveeta oozing out. I may not return, because the old "feel" is pretty much gone. Not at all like the old times. There are lots of good Mexican restaurants, though. The Poca Cosas are a little more exotic, and really good, For Sonoran without the gringo accent, try Rigo's, on south 4th Avenue. El Mezon de Cobre is very good if the mariachi don't make you go deaf. The original El Charro downtown is good, but the other two locations have been "nouveaued" up and I don't care for them. Finally, if you're willing to forego ambience, you should try La Parrilla Suiza. It's a chain from Mexico City and it's muy sabrosa- their grilled steak tacos and the chorizo dishes are habit-forming.
        Last but not least, you ought to give one of the Mariscos Chihuahuas a try for their seafood. In fact, seafood is all they have. I crave it often.

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          Marisco Chihuahua is a good choice. They are all run by different family memebers. The one on Grande is, in my humble opinion. The best. Little Poca Cosa is only open for breakfast and lunch and takes cash only. Maico on 22nd near Park Ave recently got a good review but you have to sit outside on picnic tables. I have not tried it. Go to El Guerro Canelo on 12th Avenue for the Sonoran hot dogs and carmelos.

        2. Here some suggestions:

          El Merendero(12th Ave, just south of Nebraska)- Been there for about 20 years and has become one of our favorite all-around places. Standouts include: shrimp quesadillas, chicken/chipotle quesadillas, chicharones de cameron(shrimp balls!), toritos, carne deshebrada, great chile colorado. Salsa also very good.

          Taqueria Juanitos(Grant and Fairview)- Best little tacos in Tucson. The carnitas and the al pastor tacos are out of this world.

          El Guero Canelo- I agree with noshingaround but would add the carne asada burro with cabbage, frijoles and cheese.

          1. is carichimaca (sp) still around??

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              As far as I know, yes... I still need to go there, my Spanish teacher in college recommended it quite highly. She said she always went there on the way back from the San Xavier del Bac mission,

              Karichimaka Restaurant
              5252 S Mission Rd, Tucson, AZ 85746