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Nov 29, 2008 03:02 PM

South Shore Restaurants?

Anything new and good on the South Shore? I used to read the Ledger reviews but since Virginia Hayes left the column is lousy.

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  1. BBQ Korean place just opened in got good reviews, but it was the Chinese buffet in it's previous life and brings back memories of my friend sticking his head under the unlimited soft serve machine...
    I still have yet to try the all the new restaurants at patriot's place: bar louie's (eh) and red robbin (typical chain).

    1. I miss Virginia too and I agree the SS reviews in both the Globe South and Ledger are terrible. Seems like they concentrate on chains lately. Also 3 of the last 5 reviews were in towns I don't consider part of the south shore (Foxboro, Dorchester, Foxboro), and do we really need a review of Red Robin?

      I've actually seen more closings than openings lately. The only new place that strikes a chow note with me is Hola (Former owner of Saporito's) in Marshvegas. Pretty good "Tapas" style although not very authentic but the food is a solid B.

      There is a new place going in at the old Friday's on rt.53 in Norwell, but I haven't heard what their concept is.

      A few new places at Derby street shops (Burton's, Rustic) in Hingham but I'm not overly fond of them.

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      1. re: T.Clark

        Only thing I could find about the old Friday's property:

        Friday's site in Norwell sold ; Developer says other restaurants are interested
        From: The Patriot Ledger Quincy, MA | Date: June 27, 2008| Author: STEVE ADAMS | Copyright 2008 The Patriot Ledger Quincy, MA. Provided by ProQuest LLC. (Hide copyright information) Copyright information

        NORWELL - Norwell developer Rader Properties has acquired the former T.G.I. Friday's site on Route 53 and plans to expand the building to house a new restaurant and shops.

        The 10,000-square-foot building at 285 Washington St. in Norwell has been vacant since T.G.I. Friday's closed in September 2006. Rader Properties bought the site from the Carrollton, Texas-based restaurant chain on June 9 for $2.4 million.

        Company President James Rader said he's been talking to operators of Asian restaurants and a sports bar interested in occupying the building.

        Rader said he's prepared to invest $1 million

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          The TGIF in Norwell is to become "The Fours" (UGH!). I'm sure they'll do very well there, but you won't see me there any too soon. Sorry for the bad news.

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            The TGIF in Norwell is to become "The Fours" (UGH!). I'm sure they'll do very well, but you won't see me there any too soon. Sorry for the bad news.

            1. re: CocoDan

              The Fours in Norwell

              I went to the new location of The Fours and..........WOW.
              I can't immediately remember the last time I walked into a restaurant and was THAT impressed. This place was only open for about a week and I was made to feel like it had been open for a year. My wife and I decided to sit at the bar....recieved quick, friendly, and professional service.....and took in an enjoyable evening.
              My wife got a salad and biggy...but I assure you....she has gone to restaurants and HATED both....not here though. Salad was fresh...dressing deliscious....chowder was perfect. I had the steak tips and they may have been the best I ever had......large enough to cook to order and TENDER.
              Though the food and service were excellent....the main attraction was the place itself. I look forward to going back at a slower time so I can see everything .

        2. I've heard the new restaurant Celia's at the old Alba in Quincy is pretty good. I've never actually eaten at Alba. Gennaro's in Quincy is phenomenal for cheap, 100 % homemade red sauce italian. In Hingham I prefer Square Cafe to Tosca's. Knowing people in the seafood industry I know who buys better fish.

          I've heard good things about Scarlet Oak in Hingham. Pricey though. I only ate at the bar with my wife and it was $80 for a couple of small plates and a 1/2 bottle of wine.

          Had a terrible experience two weeks ago at Atlantica in Cohasset. Mediocre food. I felt like we were eating in a wedding. They have a function room right off the main dining room and it's incredibly loud.

          1. Heh, nice name, CB. I won't ask how you decided on it! :-b

            More southwest than South Shore, but I hear that Olivadi in Norwood is very good.

            1. Steer clear of Viola in Braintree.
              Wouldn't surprise me if it has even survived past 6 months.

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              1. re: SOBoston

                Agreed on Viola -- Generic italian food and trucked-in desserts from Montillio's, served in a former KFC at an extremely busy intersection.

                Peppercornz didn't benefit much from that Ledger review -- the smothered chicken sounds uninspiring by its pedestrian description. I may just stick to Ecco down the street, Sintra in Braintree or Square Cafe in Hingham.

                1. re: beb31

                  I'll 3d Viola, and 2d Ecco. That's become my fav Italian in the area. Recent place we've been to and love include Solstice in Kingston (outstanding service, and simply prepared, but excellent seafood.) I loved Loco Tapas in Easton, but need to get to it again - haven't been back since they moved.