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Nov 29, 2008 02:54 PM

Charlotte: Where did u eat out at this wknd?

To nurse your turkey hangover, where'd you go? What were you craving? Was the restaurant packed like Big Daddy's was on Friday at lunch? That's where we went. Big mistake b/c we felt like a#% when we left. We had already overeaten on Thursday and then stuffed burgers, duck fat fries and wings on top of that - ugh. Gut plug x 10.

So where'd you go to get over turkey and leftovers?

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  1. Ok, I've had about 3 plates of leftovers so I had to go old school and hit Mr C's. It's over on the westside, old as the hills, and was started by the owner of Shomars(I think). It's a shack of a place but I tell you, the perch, fried shrimp, and gyros that come out of that place,mmmmmmmmm.

    1. We hit Yotto for sushi for lunch yesterday before heading to the aggressively packed mall (SouthPark) where we watched throngs of people shopping and waiting in lines to buy, buy, buy. Most of the employees told us it paled in comparison to Friday. What recession?

      1. Ok, I admit it. I am hooked on Thanksgiving and I am powerless to stop.
        Friday lunch - Leftover Turkey Drumstick, Stuffing, Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, Just popped in the microwave.
        Saturday, needed a break for lunch-Whitefish salad on a bialy and bowl of matzoh ball soup at Katz NY
        Saturday night it was Thanksgiving all over again. The turkey a little dry from reheating in the oven. The corn bread/sausage stuffing , I poured a bit of chicken stock over the top and warmed in the oven.
        The Brussels sprouts with guancaile from Grateful Growers farms and Shiitake mushrooms I warmed up on the stovetop. Somehow these two item got even better.
        Is Thanksgiving a great holiday or what?

        1. Husband and I ordered pizza from a relatively new place--Queen City Pizza Depot. It's in the old Rudino's spot near Ed's Tavern on Park Road in Dilworth. Apparently not the same owners as Rudino's. I would highly recommend giving it a try as a neighborhood pizza place for those in the Dilworth/Sedgefield area. New York style pizza and they deliver. While the crust was a bit more chewy rather than chewy/crispy as a truly good NY pizza, it certainly beat the heck out of most of the offerings in the general vicinity. Skip the salad as its typical take-out pizza place salad with browning iceberg lettuce and few veggies.

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            Have you tried Luisa's Brick Oven Pizza they offer brick oven-style pizzas, a very thin crust and good toppings. I like to ask them to leave the pie in the oven an extra minute and have the crust extra crisp.

            1. re: GodfatherofLunch

              I have seen your recommendations for it in my lurking on this board . . . how far down Tryon is it? I definitely want to try it but thought it might be a little far for a neighborhood go-to last minute type of place.

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                Luisa's is on Montford (off of Woodlawn near Park Road Shopping Center), not Tryon. It's excellent.

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                Hmmm . . . it would be helpful if I could read . . . Luisa's when I was thinking Luigi's on Tryon. Well. I will have to give Luisa's a try. That's definitely close enough to me to be worth it. I will report back when I get a chance to visit.

            2. For lunch on Friday, I hit up Crisp and had their sandwich special of the day-- a bbq pork tenderloin sandwich with pepper jack cheese and grilled onions. It was very good, but not the best sandwich I've had there. Then that night, I went to Hef's and got the Smokin' Blonde (one of my favorite sandwiches in town) with fries. The Smokin' Blonde is turkey, bacon, cucumbers, mozzarella, and italian dressing served n a warm croissant. Saturday night, I had a late after-movie dinner at Sushi 101. Today I had brunch at Nolia. It was good- I had the dish with smoked salmon mixed into scrambled eggs over a potato cake. And I capped the weekend off with a takeout dinner from 88 China Bistro (which will also serve as tomorrow night's dinner)-- duck with veggies, stir fried okra and pan fried pork dumplings. Mmmmm.

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                Geesh ickymettle, you weren't messin' around were ya? That sandwich you had at Hef's, what a contradiction eh? Italian French fusion? LOL

                1. re: ickymettle

                  I'm a big fan of 88 China Bistro as well. I love the duck with leeks served with Mu Shu pancakes.
                  A bit of hoisin sauce , roll it up and a great dish