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Nov 29, 2008 02:31 PM

First crawfish of season - Houston

Before you big tailed purists pile on me, I had to do it do to extreme circumstances. I work retail and all that it entails, meaning, working until 12 midnight the day before Thanksgiving, back at 2 AM Friday morning for an 11 hour shift. I was in need of serious comfort food Friday afternoon, it was Mardi Gras Bar and Grill. We fed, not ate, fed on crawfish, fried oysters, and oysters poached in a wine butter sauce. The crawfish were medium, some small, only a couple pee wees, and two dead ones. The seasoning at Mardi Gras was its usual great, in my opinion, but I understand this is a highly personal thing, please ask for Heather or Cherie. As for size of the crawfish, I believe that early season smaller bugs offer just as good a value as later season. Although there are bigger tails later in the season, I have to wonder about the head to tail ratio, a little more "work" yields the same results. Anyway, check out Mardi Gras, and please let me know if you can find a better fried oyster, as I am on a never ending pusuit of the perfect fried oyster.

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  1. Which Texas county is the Mardi Gras Bar and Grill in?

    1. James,

      I had no idea that crawfish came into season this early! Did you get them by the pound or what? I could practically eat my weight in those bugs. Last year the best I had were at Woodrow's, and they were very big, but your right - if the flavor is there it doesn't matter the size. Oh, and I really feel for anyone who works retail. My DH did for a few years and it sucked.

      Scagnetti - Mardi Gras is in Houston


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        Dani, They're 5.99 a pound (ouch!), same as last year. As the season wore on they went to 4.99 (ouch!). I used to love Woodrow's on Chimney Rock until the service got unreasonably bad. The final straw was when I ordered stuffed crabs and they were cold indside. After I sent them back twice the manager came out and slammed them down on the table. I called him an a-hole and left. I have not been back since. Let me know if there service is at least decent, they really do have good crawfish.

        1. re: James Cristinian

          When we went last year the service was great. It was some kind of special deal, something like 3 lbs for $12 or $15. I went with my daughter and her boyfriend around lunch time. We gorged for a couple hours, if not more, and our server kept those bugs coming right on time. Those were the best, and the largest, I have ever had. This was at the end of May, maybe early June. If you search the Tx board you will see that I am always looking for the best crawfish! Last time I went to Mardi Gras I found a lot of debris mixed in with the crawfish, and that turned me off. But that is the first place I ever ate them, so I still go there every year.

      2. I usually go for my first at Magnolia (Richmond at Fountainview). They are usually the most expensive by a buck a pound, but I find the seasoning the best in town and the quality to be a bit better than the rest.

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        1. re: Bulldozer

          Now that is a place I have never tried, probably because of the price. I'll have to go on a full stomach just to see. If I go hungry I'm likely to spend a small fortune!

          1. re: danhole

            I like Magnolia as well. Another place I like is Bayou City Seafood on Richmond just inside the Loop.

            1. re: James Cristinian


              I had never heard of this place, so now it is on the "have to try list." Believe it or not, but SRO's sports bar at Northwest Mall has some mighty fine crawfish. They serve it med, hot, or A** burning hot. I always call ahead and ask how they are looking - small, big, what?? They have never steered me wrong. I have a very frou-frou friend that goes with me and sips chardonnay alongside our crawfish. LOL!

              1. re: James Cristinian

                My wife (the crawfish expert) says Bayou City is terrible. According to her, they taste dirty and they don't season the water. She's the one who turned me on to Magnolia. I've found they are better whenever they are NOT cooking them outside (they have a deck and sometimes have live music and cook them in a stall on the deck).

                1. re: Bulldozer

                  I got a little lazy with my post. The crawfish at Magnolia, are the least favorite thing on their menu. In my opinion, they are overly seasoned outside of the water, way too salty. I will endeavour to give them another try as I really like their other offerings.