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Nov 29, 2008 02:10 PM

Southwinds Grille

For anyone visiting or living at the Jersey Shore, check out Southwinds Grille at the end of East Lacey Road in Lacey Twp., NJ. Go past Captain's Inn (which has horrible food, in my humble opinion), and drive all the way down to this restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxed; the food is consistently excellent; drinks are great; wait staff efficient and friendly. In the summer, they have seating outdoors and either a band or a DJ.

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  1. Southwind was with in the last year under new mangement .Is open all season ? Is the food better then it was in years past ..

    1. I live nearby during the warm months and enjoy the place. I understand the owner passed away several months ago, hence the change in management.
      I've had good meals there. It's not the end of the world, but I've never had anything bad. For the Forked River area, it's pretty darn good.
      Their menu is similar to what it had been in the past, but one of my lunch favorites, the cheesesteak sandwich, is gone. That was one of my reasons for going there for lunch.
      The wait staff is typically young and under trained, but always pleasant and looking to please.
      If you haven't been there it's worth a shot. It's a better lunch than the Captains Inn and I prefer it for dinner. The Captains Inn has a following, I guess because it's been around forever, but in my experience you'll like the food at Southwinds better.