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Nov 29, 2008 12:36 PM

Bio/organic/natural food stores in Florence and Milan

I'm headed to Italy this week and wondered if anyone knew of any bio/all natural food stores in Florence or Milan. I'd like to bring back some organic honey and jams for holiday gift baskets.
I went to a shop in Milan but can't seem to remember were it was located, perhaps in the Brera neighborhood. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. In Milan, there is an organic grocery store located on Via Solferino in the Brera neighborhood. It is just north of Via Pontaccio.

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      I bet that's the one I came across. Thanks so much, Badwaiter. I really appreciate it!

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        I also want to put in a plug for my favorite brand of organic jams and honeys in Italy. It's called 'Rigoni di Asiago' and it's fairly widely distributed at places like Di per Di and Punto. It's a bit cheaper than the prices you might find at the bio store.

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          Thanks for the suggestion, badwaiter. I'll definitely try to pick this up. I just tried to do a quick search for the supermarkets you mentioned but couldn't come up with a location in Milan. I've definitely been to Punto in other cities. By chance would you be able to list one that's centrally located? Thanks again for all of your help!

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            There are four supermarkets more or less near the Brera neighborhood. There is a Di per Di on Via Moscova about half a block past San Marco. There is another Di per Di on San Marco about half a block south of Via Moscova. Both of these are about a five minute walk from the bio store. There is a third Di per Di on via Ancona right off Garibaldi. Finally, the Punto is on Via Mercato (via Garibaldi turns into via Mercato as you walk in the direction of the center) and I also recommend that shop for a good selection of reasonable wines.

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              Wow! Thanks again for all of your help and suggestions, badwaiter. This is fantastic. I'm really excited to comb the shelves. I guess I better bring some extra luggage!!