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Nov 29, 2008 12:22 PM

Good chinese food in Chinatown?

Anyone have any recommendations for the best restaurants in Boston's Chinatown? I'm just visiting for the weekend with my family. The only caveats are: 1. we stuffed ourselves with lobster last night already, and 2. my mom's a big time clean freak, so the cleaner the place is, the better. Thanks all! :D

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  1. IMO, the best Chinese food in Chinatown is Best Little Restaurant on Hudson Street. You can literally just order whatever you see on other peoples' tables. But in term of cleaniness, it is hard for me to pinpoint any restaurants in Chinatown that any clean freaks will absolutly feel comfortable with.

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    1. re: sheila

      I strongly second this recommendation - I love BLR. Also, my mom - who can be slightly germophobic, has eaten there with me and was perfectly comfortable and very happily full at the end of our meal.

    2. Chinatown is definitely not a place for seriously germophobic diners, and that qualification alone eliminates almost all your options.

      Penang (a Malay place) is probably your best choice given this limitation. Maybe Pho Pasteur or Pho Hoa (both Vietnamese) -- maybe.

      1. i disagree pretty strongly with the folks who say chinatown is a hard place for germaphobes. i think most places are as clean as the average pizza parlor if not better. many bathrooms are admittedly not that nice, but you don't eat in the bathroom.

        that having been said - search the board for chinatown recommendations. the places that come to mind when trying to think of pristine restaurants that are also pretty good: new shanghai, new jumbo, dumpling house, grand chow chau, wing's kitchen. penang is also good but not the place for chinese food.

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          Grand Chow Chau and New Shanghai are both closed. Have been to New Jumbo and would not take the germophobes I know there. But then again, the germophobes I know would also not consider a number of pizza parlors acceptable.

          I very clearly did *not* suggest Penang as a place for Chinese food -- it serves Malay cuisine. I very much did suggest it as the Chinatown place where I would most readily take a germophobe.

          1. re: bachslunch

            I know it's confusing....but Penang serves Malaysian cuisine which is the food in malay that draws from several ethnic groups, including the native Malays and the immigrant Chinese and Indians.

            Malay food OTOH, is just the food of the ethnic Malays, which is a subset of Malaysian food.

            Quite a bit of Penang's menu is drawn from food made by various Chinese groups in Malaysia e.g. char kuay teow, stir fries etc...

        2. I think the food at the New Jumbo is about as good as you can get in Chinatown, but if you are looking for a spotless bathroom, head for either of the two P.F.Chang's locations, one in the theater district and the other one at the Pru in the Back Bay.

          1. Folks, if you have a restaurant with good food that you'd consider germaphobe approved, please go ahead and recommend it. But debating other people's standards of cleanliness is off topic and personal, and those types of comments will be removed.