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Nov 29, 2008 12:13 PM

Caterers for Steam Whistle...Experiences?

I just booked Steam Whistle for a wedding in July 2010. I'm looking into hiring of the caterers off the preferred list. I'm wondering if anyone out there has experiences (good and/or bad) with these caterers:

Rose Reisman Catering
Beyond Catering
Daniel et Daniel


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. They're not on your list but I second chef guru regarding Catered Affare. My organization has used Catared Affare and Daniel et Daniel often over the years, no issues, and good food with good service.

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        Daniel et Daniel catered our wedding in the Distillery (they are on the preferred list there) and many work events and they are REALLY great - we were so pleased with our wedding. They also made us a croquenbouche (sp?) as a wedding cake and it was so yummy and had lovely gum paste flowers on it that looked real.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Out of all the caterers the smallest operation is Beyond Catering, and in my opinion offers outstanding food. Suzi can come off as a bit harsh but is a lovely lady...she has my business.
          Daniel et Daniel is notoroious for not ever getting back to you with a quote once a menu is discussed.
          Jennifer at Eatertainment is very attentive, and will work with your budget.
          Rose Reismans menus were blah and once the quote was sent, they never followed up.

          1. I had a party there last summer. We used Eatertainment. I thought they were great. They really helped us through a lot. My only suggestion is that if you are getting the alcohol through Steam Whistle, or even if you are bringing it, they were awful. They stopped our guests from drinking after one or two drinks, closed the bar for an hour for no reason (later found out it was because they hadn't bought enough alcohol and so they knew they'd run out), had no idea how to make any "mixed" drinks, and gave people extremely weak drinks -- even though it was an open bar and we had no budget.

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            1. re: canadianbeaver

              Out of interest... how many "preferred caterers" do they have?

              1. re: Non Doctor

                ND, there are seven full service "preferred caterers" on Steam Whistle's list. They are 10tation Event Catering, Amazing Food Service, Beyond Catering, Daniel et Daniel, Eatertainment, en Ville Event and Rose Reisman Catering.

              2. re: canadianbeaver

                Did you have catering staff or Steam Whistle staff operating your bar? The reason I'm asking for clarification is, on SW's event FAQ page, they state that their own staff has to operate the bar.

                1. re: chowow

                  Steam Whistle staff operating our bar.

                2. re: canadianbeaver

                  It would have been the caterer who instructed the bar to close, they don't make that decision and if you don't bring in your own booze your caterer would be doing it, the Steam Whistle only supplies the beer.
                  They are also not trained bar tenders, they have their smart serve designation but within the brewery they pour beer, so if you want them to make mixed drinks, you have to provide instructions. This is one of the many many things you will either need to do yourself of pay someone else to do at places like this.

                  They are responsible for making sure people drink responsibly and unforunately sometimes people take this to the extreme, I have not had this problem.