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Nov 29, 2008 11:58 AM

Buttermilk Channel in CG

Just opened this week on Court St. Anybody been yet? (My partner and I want to go for dinner this weekend.)


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  1. my girlfriend and i went on tuesday night. it was very very good. i had the lamb which is a special on tuesday. she had the duck meatloaf. overall we were very satisfied. try the pecan pie sundae!

    1. went with my wife on Friday night. Place has a great vibe. Food was really good. They were still somewhat getting their act together (a handful of stuff was not on the menu, they ran out of other stuff during the night). Fried chicken was really good; ravioli too.

      1. Ate there last night. Had the Endive and Kale salad, Squash Tart, Fried Chicken w/ waffles and a side of winter root vegetables. Everything was pretty spot on, though we'd make the trip for the salad alone. It was really solid. Also had a very drinkable bottle of Washington State Merlot.

        They were missing a couple menu items and said they are redoing the menus tomorrow to better reflect what they have. Space was nice, clean and bright... cleaner in style than I thought it would be. Service was very friendly and quite professional considering they're in their first week.

        We enjoyed ourselves and would go back.

        1. Went last night and enjoyed it very much. We shared the cheese plate and I got black bass (they were out of the hake so it was a replacement and VERY good!). My partner got the burger which he loved. It's got elegant atmosphere and is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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            You lucked seabass is better than hake any day!

          2. I hate to be the voice of dissent here....but my husband and I trek'd over there last night from Cobble Hill to see what the fuss is all about and were kind of underwhelmed.

            They certainly are popular right off the bat. The place was packed and we had to wait nearly an hour for a table for 2. I hate that they dont take reservations for 2 and that they won't call your cell (we had to call them periodically from a bar up the street). Otherwise the service wasn't bad, our waiter was pretty attentive.

            Liked the little crispy popovers (?) they bring out before the meal, though a basket of bread would be nice as well.

            Had the bacon app. This was 80% fat, 20% meat (and that's being generous with my memory of them). Tasty but would have liked to have more meat. And it was a pretty small portion. The little cornbread rounds were tasty that were served with it.

            Had the ribs app as well. This came out room temperature unfortunately (was a pretty late dinner so didnt bother to fuss about it). They weren't bad otherwise, pretty meaty and tender. Wasn't too into the unusual cole slaw alongside.

            Husband had the chicken and waffles. Chicken was a little on the bland side as far as the crust went. Pretty tender meat. The dish on the whole seemed more novelty than substance (I know its an LA thing, not their invention). Again the same odd cole slaw.

            I had the duck meatloaf. Looked more like a duck hamburger. Tasty though. Could have used some sides with it was only served with one large onion ring over top.

            Had a very nice glass of wine (was a Grenache/Cab blend I think).

            All in all, I'd say the meal was 'okay'. Nothing I'd hurry back to repeat, esp since its a bit of a long walk in the winter for us. Maybe if we were closer we'd be more inclined to try again once they've worked some kinks out.