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Left over goose?

Any suggestions? I roasted a goose Thursday, I really wanted to have some good goose fat on hand. It was a 10 lb. goose and there are 2 of us. i have a lot of goose leftover. I know I could make some rillettes and probably will but I sure would like some other creative suggestions.

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  1. Hi, Candy! Two suggestions, both with shredded goose. A salad with Asian dressing and a stir fry. The exact possibilities for these two are endless.

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        I agree. Nigella has a recipe for cassoulet using leftover duck in her new Xmas book which I'm dying to try.

      2. How 'bout a riff on Peking duck? Crisp some skin in the oven, warm some sliced meat, then wrap in thin pancakes with hoisin sauce and scallions.

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        1. soup! i've got my turkey carcass (er..."frame") simmering in a pot right now.

          1. i heartily recommend a thai style warm roast goose salad: http://www.manic.com.sg/recipes/duck....

            (recipe is for duck, but it is the typical salad. it also doesn't call for warming the goose pieces, but it will be better -- just put the meat in a clean non-stick skillet (with a little, little fat if you have some, or just a few drips of water) and cover to warm on low heat. this warming gives the meat more aroma and more flavor, and makes it juicier and more receptive to the other flavorings. i like the salad with thai basil and mint, and very thinly sliced red onion and green onion, too -- and plenty of chilies. yowza!).

            1. My mother in law makes a goose curry every December 26. Shredded goose meat, simmer in a curry broth. Simple and delicious, and a it of an antidote to the heavy meal of the previous day.

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                Another reason why I love this board!

                I was thinking about making a goose hash and frying it up in a bit of the goose fat.

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                  Goose hash is what we do. Cut any leftover skin into strips, fry w/ a little fat until crispy, remove. Add leftover boiled potatoes, brown well, add goose meat stripped from carcass to crisp up, then add some of the leftover apple & prune stuffing. When evrything's hot & crispy, add some leftover gravy to lube it all up, garnish with plenty of pepper and the crispy skin bits. In our family it's considered nearly as good as the main event.

              2. Leftover goose?? That's me over there in the corner, where the chewing and growling noises are coming from...

                Seriously, the last time we had goose, Papa cooked it and I was lucky to get away with the fat! But I'd follow any of these suggestions, or any recipe calling for cooked duck or pork. If I had some right now I'd incorporate it into my New Year's Choucroute Garni.