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Nov 29, 2008 10:59 AM

3 Days in Vegas....Here are my you agree?

Hello all,
After reading many reviews on this site I came up with this itinerary. Please help me narrow it down to a final list :)

Wednesday: arrive in afternoon...maybe Burger Bar or Tacos & Tequila for lunch and walk strip, Dinner Choices: Diegos at MGM, Delmonico or Craft Steak. Possibly Hypotist comedy show.

Thursday: Breakfast at Bouchon, Lunch at Mesa Grill, Dinner at
Zefferino, Fiamma, or Canaletto. Le Reve Late Show

Friday: Breakfast at Tintoretto Bakery, Lunch at ????, Dinner at N9ine, Nove or Isla. Clubs at Palms.

I would like to make reservations tonight. Please help me make final decisions :)

Thanks so much!!!

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  1. I like CUT the best for steaks. Definitely more than Delmonico. Have not been to Craftsteak.

    I would choose Enoteca San Marco over Zefferino and Canaletto. Have not been to Fiamma. Zefferino is very good though, especially for Sunday brunch. Canaletto is just OK.

    If you are looking for an Emeril fix, try Table 10 for lunch. Tableau is great for breakfast, especially the kobe short ribs and eggs.

    I love Mesa Grill and Bouchon.

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    1. re: climberdoc

      Funny that you mention Enoteca...I was just going to look that menu up. I also heard good things about Tableau. Do I need to make rese for Bouchon and Tableau for breakfast? Who knows when I will be crawling out of bed? he he

      1. re: nytransplant

        Bouchon does not accept reservations.

        I've never made a reservation at Tableau for breakfast and have never had to wait more than a few minutes. Reportedly, Tableau will soon be replaced by something else when the Encore opens, so you may want to enjoy it now.

    2. Wednesday ... Burger bar for sure. Never been to Diego but skip Delmonico. That place is WAY overrated IMO. I've preached before and I'll do it again: Craftsteak rocks! It's my favorite all around place in Vegas. Their steaks are always on the money and their seared foie is the best in town IMO.

      Thursday ... Bouchon is fantastic. I'm not a fan of Mesa Grill but it seems to get a lot of play around here. For dinner, skip Zefferino and Canaletto for sure and head back to the MGM for Fiamma. The Short Rib Raviolini is absolutely stunning. Fiamma does a really good job for how many they serve each night.

      Friday ... Out of your choices I would definitely do N9NE for dinner. The one and only time I've eaten at Nove I was severely unimpressed. Never been to Isla ( I see a Mexican theme developing in your picks ... for good Mexican you want to get away from the Strip. Possibly one of the Michoacan outposts ). But N9NE is really pretty good and the scene is like no other. If nothing else make sure to have the rock shrimp app and a side order of the Truffled Gnocchi - that stuff is addicting as crack!

      Whatever you decide, enjoy yourself and make sure to report back your experiences.

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      1. re: azbirdiemaker

        Ok great! We are going with another couple and that is where Isla and Diego came about.

        I am a big Italian your pics are enoteca san marco or fiamma, right?

        For steak, craftsteak or n9ine

        For mexican, go off strip.

        and yes, a full report will be posted :)

        1. re: nytransplant

          Fiamma is on my list especially with their fall tasting(economy) menu. Short rib raviolli has my name all over it.

          Enoteca is a somewhat casual restaurant but the food is top-notch. It is a Batali venue which I enjoy more than the more expensive Batali venue, B&B. The pastas are fantastic as are the veal/ricotta meatballs over polenta. Great selection of wines by the glass. Prices are reasonable by Vegas standards.

          Sounds like you won't go wrong with either of these Italian choices.

          Have a great trip!

          1. re: climberdoc

            thanks so much! I am looking fwd to this trip as we are also visting Seattle where we used to live. The one sad story...Il Terrazzo Carmine is closed on Sunday which is our only dining out option :(

          2. re: nytransplant

            I really enjoy Fiamma every time I go. Like I said the Short Rib Raviolini is a must-have. I've never eaten at Enoteca but I had a miserable experience at B&B ...


            ... which is why I've never tried Enoteca. But, some time has elapsed since then and I do want to check it out the next time I have the opportunity.

            Choosing between Craftsteak and N9NE, for me, is like deciding whether to buy an Aston Martin or a Ferrari - ie. it all depends on what style you're looking for. You're going to have a fantastic meal at either place. Craftsteak is my favorite in the city but I also enjoy N9NE. Craftsteak is more casual with a toned down atmosphere. N9NE is like a club. If you don't mind the loud music and "scene" then it's great. I've had some really good food in there. If I were making the call I'd go with Craftsteak only because N9NE can be a little over the top sometimes.

            Have a good time!

            1. re: azbirdiemaker

              I never wrote about my most recent B&B experience for some reason. My meal there was a real mixed bag. We did the tasting menu and the one positive that was pervasive throughout the evening was the quality of the food. Every course was excellent. No complaints about the food. Unfortunately, I can't remember the details of each course.

              Beyond that, I found the service to be distant and poorly timed. Twice we needed to ask for more wine since the pairing was poured more than ten minutes prior to the dish being served. This was inexcusable and really irritating. I ended up drinking more than if the timing was better. We (party of two) were flanked by two tables of six and really felt like our service got lost in the chaos. The restaurant was loud because of the large parties. I would have been happier with Mario's eclectic music choices if I could have heard it over the noise.

              The bottom line is the food was great but the whole experience was little more than average. Combine the hefty price and my motivation to go back is really low. It was real disappointing in that the food was some of the best Italian I've had. The restaurant's baggage was a severe detraction.

              That said, Enoteca is an entirely different experience. Much of its ambiance comes from the "outdoor" nature being right in St. Mark's Square. It's loud and the tables are close together, but it seems to work for Enoteca. The food quality is excellent and in the case of the veal ricotta meatballs, downright sublime. Prices are substantially lower than B&B. I see Enoteca as a casual place which I choose more often for lunch than dinner.

              1. re: climberdoc

                Right on.

                I'll have to give it a go next time I'm in town. Veal Ricotta Meatballs sound incredible.

        2. Delmonico is lousy now. I have been to just about every top steak restaurant in Vegas (on the Strip) and honestly my #1 pick would be Charlie Palmer's in the Four Seasons/Mandalay Bay. Craftsteak is good though. I would prefer Stripsteak (Mandalay) or Cut (Venetian) though. Prime is also fantastic for a diverse menu and wine list, but the steak is not as good as the other places I've mentioned.

          1. We just got back from 4 nights in Las Vegas and went to a few of the places you mention.

            No need for reservations at Bouchon for breakfast. We were there last Sunday at about 9:30 and there was no wait. It was good.

            We had a late dinner at Burger Bar after Mama Mia. It was a good enough burger but I don't think there's any reason to go out of my way to eat there. I had a bacon cheese burger with an egg added on. My wife had the sliders which she said were good but she preferred the ones at Fix in Bellagio.

            For reasons that are unclear to me, we ended up going to both Craftsteak and Cut. We had the fall menu at Craftsteak. It's a lot of food and not a bad price ($75pp). Service seemed rather indifferent. In past visits, we've had excellent service. Dinner consisted of caesar, prosciutto, red peppers, and lobster bisque. The bisque was exceptional with many chunks of lobster. Main courses were scallops, skirt steak, sirloin, jerusalem artichokes, sweet potato puree, spinach. The sweet potatoes were cloyingly sweet but the rest was good.
            Dessert was warm chocolate cake with ice cream plus monkey bread pudding with ice cream. The monkey bread pudding wasn't that appealing to either of us and I usually like bread pudding. The warm chocolate cake was good plus we were pretty stuffed by then.
            I noticed other tables got different desserts so YMMV.

            Cut was excellent. We had steak tartare, beet salad, american kobe fillet, nebraska rib eye, fries, savoy cabbage rolls, and banana cream pie.

            Had a late dinner at Mesa Grill. Lighting is bad in the room with glaring spot lights on some tables (like ours). There was also a cold draft which I'm used it in the summer with mega A/C running but it was rainy and cool the day we ate there. Had salmon/tuna tartares, apple salad for apps. Salmon was quite good with a nice spice. Wife had chicken something or other. She enjoyed it. I had duck breast which came with a tamale with goat cheese. Our food was good but something about it just seemed blah. Dessert was a warm chocolate cake. I don't know if I'd return for dinner but I'd do lunch again.

            We went to Enoteca ealier this year. I thought it was terrible. The pizza crust was like soda crackers.

            Fiamma has been good in the past although we haven't been in a year or so.

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            1. re: zippyh

              I made reservations at Craftsteak and Fiamma for dinner. I am dreaming about this shortrib ravioli! We are going to the Palms for dancing so I dont need to hear club music while I am eating too! I will check out N9ne when we are there to see if want to go there on our last night. Thanks so much for all of your advice. Now, its time to pack!

              1. re: nytransplant

                Hello from Vegas!
                Will write full report when I return but need one more suggestions for tonight. So far we did craftsteak and fiamma. Want to eithere do italian or steak. Prob between Paris and Palms, I have rese for Nove...should I keep it? People here are giving it mixed reviews. Help!

                1. re: nytransplant

                  Thought you didn't want to eat at the Palms? If you changed your mind, try to get in at N9NE. We were there in October and the food was as good as always. At Paris, the only place I would recommend would be Mon Ami Gabi - they're on Open Table so you could do your res. online. I've had lunch there a lot of times but never had dinner, but folks here seem to like it for dinner too. You could have steaks there although it's not exactly a steakhouse.

                  1. re: nytransplant

                    If I was picking between the two my vote would definitely be for N9NE! If you are open to other types of food, Alize at the Palms is one of the best places I have ever been to and the view is amazing!

                    1. re: nytransplant

                      Nove may have improved since I was there. It wasn't bad, just not real memorable. However if you want Italian or Steak it might fit the bill as it's an Italian concept with steak on the menu. Might not be a bad option.

                      I'd try for N9NE though. Plus you mentioned wanting to try N9NE in your original post.

                      Have a good time.

                      1. re: azbirdiemaker

                        Had a wonderful 3 days in Vegas. Here are reviews...

                        Wed-Craftsteak for dinner. Excellent but pricey. They didnt have a Valpolcella and the waiter went ove rto Fiamma and picked out one for us. great customer service,

                        Thurs-amazing amazing breakfast at Bouchon. I wanted to go back everyday! Dinner at Fiamma. I must agree with chowhounds with the short rib ravioli was amazing as well as the cheese plate taht is not on the menu. request it!

                        Fri-lunch at mom amu gabi...excellent. dinner at cathouse. fun atmosphere but food was just o.k. We ate real late ths night and didnt want to eat a heavy meal so we decided against a steak place. Overall, Fiamma was out fav for dinner and bouchon for breakfast! Thanks for all for such great reccoemendations!

                        1. re: nytransplant

                          What'd you have @Bouchon? I thought the sourdough waffles were out of this world.

                          1. re: ns1

                            The chicken goes great with them too.

                            1. re: Negaduck

                              I had the Bouchon French Toast Bread pudding style with warm layers of brioche, custard & apples.Served with maple syrup and my husband had the Croque Madame Toasted ham & cheese on brioche with a fried egg & mornay sauce.Served with pommes frites. I called the chef andhe emailed me the recipes. I have yet to attempt to make them but they were both out of this world!

                              1. re: nytransplant

                                I love the croque madame with pomme frites, actually anything with those frites is great.

                                I have been to most of the steakhouses in LV except Craftsteak. Just wondering what kind of steak/appetizer/dessert you ordered, might have to try it out.

                                But if you ever go again, I highly recommend CUT and get the KOBE BEEF or the Pan Roasted Lobster, the best steakhouse I have experienced so far in LV.

                                1. re: A5 KOBE

                                  I don't remember what steak we ordered but my girlfriend and I shared the plate. It was alot of food and we ate late in the evening. It was great but I thought on the pricey side.