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Nov 29, 2008 10:34 AM

Jersey Mike's -- Yays, Nays, and Best Subs

Driving in my neighborhood today (Westwood Village) and saw signs for a Jersey Mike's opening soon. Unfamiliar. Went to their website, and saw cold sandwiches hat looked similar (though perhaps less meaty) than Togo's. The cheesesteaks looked interesting -- gotta be better than the Southside a couple of blocks away. Not interested in wraps or salads. Big factor will be the pricepoint -- the website didn't specify, saying they varied by location.

So tell me, 'Hounds, do I have anything to look forward to? The couple of mentions I found in a search mentioned fresh meats there. Give me the birds-eye lowdown on this chain, please. It will share parking with a Trader Joe's -- so will I be better off buying the makings there and composing the sandwiches myself? Particularly interested in whether they pull off a decent, inexpensive cheesesteak.

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  1. I am still waiting for one in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. I love that place and it is no Scrubway or Barfnos. I've been to a couple in VA and one in Myrtle Beach SC and have always got a normal steak and provolone cheese sub. I dont put other garbage on there like mayo onions mushrooms green peppers etc, but the meat was sliced fresh (I think they use Boars Head, which you know is good quality) and the Provolone was fine. Very fresh and SOFT roll too.

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      The Laurel, MD Jersey Mike's is actually opening this upcoming Wednesday. More of the Washington Metropolitan area, but its not ridiculously far from Baltimore, probably just convenient if you're in the area.

    2. They are good "east coast" style sandwiches. The cold subs are good (the slice the meat fresh right in front of you) and the cheese steaks are meaty and good. I don't recall the prices, but definitely reasonable. Also, definitely different than Togos.

      1. If you like flavor, a lot, you'll probably enjoy Jersey Mike's. Their Super Sub, Mike's Way (that's how they order there) plus mayo and banana peppers is my favorite. There are a couple of new sandwich chains here that I've heard are as tasty, but I've yet to try them.

        The hot subs are good, as well. I do like the Philly Cheesesteak with mushrooms, onions and jalepenos - it's called the Big Kahuna.

        They offer three sizes for most of the sandwiches. The large is enormous, the regular in large and the mini is just right for lunch.

        The meats are sliced when you order and the taste is so much more fresh than any of the other sub shops I've tried.

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          Okay, just returned from my first trip to Jersey Mikes and ordered what you rec'ed: The Super Sub, Mike's Way, plus mayo and b.peppers.

          I was pleased. Though a little turned off by the large amount of onions he added. All in all though, I was impressed by the cleanliness, the fresh sliced meats and cheese and the overall compilation of the sandwich.

          I will return... next time with less onions.

        2. I love Jersey Mike's subs. Way better than Subway and Quizno's hands down. Huge portions i always have half a sub for later.

          1. Order any cold sandwich 'Mike's Way" and you won't be disappointed.