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Nov 29, 2008 10:15 AM

Leftover dressing?

Ok...I've already made the turkey noodle soup. I made a frittata from my left over smoked gouda mac and cheese with crispy prosciutto. But what to do with my left over stuffing? I have tons! I made two kinds, since one member of my family doesn't like onions. Any and all suggests are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Open face sandwich with sliced turkey and dressing: Make a bechamel, to which you can add cheddar if you like, and have warm on the stovetop. Toast bread and lay on a baking sheet (covered in silicone foil for easy cleanup,) then cover with a layer of dressing. Top with sliced turkey, then pour over the bechamel. Place under the broiler until the bechamel bubbles and browns in spots. You can top with sliced tomatoes or crispy bacon or both, or just sprinkle with chopped parsley.

    This dish is sleep inducing, so I don't recommend it for lunch, unless you're planning a midafternoon nap!

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        I forgot to add that you're going to want to have the turkey and dressing heated up when assembling the sandwich, which is hopefully obvious! I usually wrap the dressing and turkey up in the aforementioned foil to heat in a 375 oven for about 20-30 minutes while I'm making and simmering the bechamel.

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        Nice, adding dressing to the Hot Brown. Never thought of that, good idea.

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          Yeah, I grew up in KY, where you see all kinds of incarnations in people's homes.

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            our family's inventive spin was to replace the bechamel w/ cream of mushroom and use cheddar cheese for the cheese on top. not that it tasted bad (i always liked them), but not quite the original recipe ;)

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          Have you ever used ground turkey instead of beef or even chicken? Just wondering if you would change anything else within your recipe if you did use a substitute?

        3. Someone posted elsewhere that they press the stuffing into a square plastic container, so it can be cut into even slices for using on sandwiches.

          Stuffing/dressing freezes perfectly well - better, in fact, than the turkey. Use it later as a side when you make simple chicken.

          A casserole with layers of stuffing/dressing, leftover white and/or sweet potato, turkey, and cranberry sauce, topped with gravy-enriched bechamel.

          And I'm sure Paula Deen has a way of deep-frying it,

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            I remember Paula Deen deep frying it last year, along with everything else she made on that episode. Sunny Anderson mixed leftover stuffing with leftover green been casserole and deep fried that. How can anything deep fried be bad??

          2. Although it's maybe too reminiscent of the original item to provide much of a break, we enjoy leftover dressing in the form of Semmelknödel: dumplings made from leftover bread.
            Put some leftover dressing, and heat up some milk (or even water, since the dressing is already seasoned), I'd say maybe about a 1/2 cup of water for 3 cups of dressing, but it will depend on how much moisture was already in there. (You can add more to adjust) Let sit for a little while to soften, and then mash it up to make a sort of paste-like consistency. It should be fairly stiff and sticky. Now mix in an egg or two, so that it's a bit looser, and you can form it into balls. Make them about the size of pool balls (?? bigger than golf balls, smaller than tennis balls). If you like, you can put some smoked meat (or leftover turkey mixed in gravy??) in the middle when forming the balls. Drop them into a big pot of salted boiling water, and let them simmer away until they float, about 20 mins.

            1. Roll into a ball, dip in egg batter, cover in panko and deep-fry. Yum.

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                Ohhh... now that I gotta try.

                I usually just form it into patties and panfry them a few days or weeks later (sdressing freezes well)

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                  You can also cook up some bulk sausage meat along with peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic or any other veggies you want and mix in some chopped leftover turkey. Add an egg or two to bind, make them into patties, cover in panko, and panfry. Serve with poached or fried eggs.

                2. Thank you all. These sound delicious! And I think I will try freezing some too.