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Nov 29, 2008 10:02 AM

Comus Inn?

I have been to Comus Inn twice, once about 20 years ago that was a disaster--from mediocre food to cockroaches running around. Ugh. Fortunately, that incarnation of the place is long gone and best forgotten. A few years ago, after it had been extensively renovated and upgraded, we went back. We found a case of a restaurant trying way to hard. Although very pretty (with exceptional views--none of which included vermin of any sort), the food was pretentious. Sometimes unusual food combinations can surprise and delight, highlighting and contrasting the features of each. This was not one of those times. The mixture of sweet and savory was way over the top to the point that everything was just weird. Still, that was several years ago. Looking at the menu posted on their website, it looks pretty appealing. What is the concensus opinion about this place these days? Has it matured and settled down? Should we try again?

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  1. Went during the summer and were underwhelmed.

    Beautiful place and unmatched view of the mountain, but the food was average at best and the service was unprofessional (more like a low-end chain). Prices were high, given the food and service.

    Given the setting, the place has potential, if they would just train the servers and improve the kitchen.

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