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Nov 29, 2008 09:08 AM

Good restaurants in Huntington, Long Island

We're having dinner Sunday night in Huntington. I understand there's a Turkish and/or Greek restaurant there. Or something simple, American, or fish and not pricy.

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    1. I have never been to Honu, but they advertise small plates which when added up can be pricy. Good, fresh fish can be had along with large amounts of food at the Golden Dolphin Diner which is very popular. On new york ave, there are two Greek places, first, the Meditteranean Snack Bar and second, Skorpios I prefer the latter, but the Meditteranean is more crowded. .

      1. I second Golden Dolphin. I prefer Med. Snack Bar over Scorpios for fresh fish. Honu is for food that complements cocktails, not a simple meal. For a homey simple feel try Mundays on NY Ave and Main.

          1. there is a good greek called the mediterranean snack bar, good food, cheap but they only take cash. Amazing hummus...Don't go to Honu, they are a rip and the food is mediocre.. Cafe Buenos Aires is very pricey but if you just get the tapas, they are 10 hot and 10 cold, it is cheaper, I am a chef and live in Huntington. There is a good Mexican called El Besito but it is a bit pricey, the guacomole is great. There is a great Thai restaurant called Thai USA, cheap and good. There is a restaurant Joanina's that;s medium priced but a really good Italian with a wood burning oven. They always have a fish special that they cook in the oven, always very good. good luck