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Shanghai vegetarian?

I have a friend who will be staying in Shanghai (Pudong) for 2 weeks. She's mostly vegetarian (she eats chicken, egg and dairy), but dislikes tofu. No fish either.

Any tips for great chow in/around Pudong? Anything stellar which is easily accessible from this area is also fair game.


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  1. I have not been back there for 2-3 years but I enjoyed a tasty vegetarian meal at Zao Zi Shu Vegetarian Lifestyle. The place is clean, the food is delicious, non-greasy and quite creative too; I would recommend it to non-vegetarian as well. I went to the one at Song Shan Lu, just off Hua Hai Lu. I think there are another 2 branches, but none is in Pudong. But please check with your hotel concierge for updated information.

    Vegetarian Lifestyle
    枣子� �, (1) 848 Huangjin Cheng Dao, near Shuicheng Nan Lu (6275 1798); (2) 77 Songshan Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu (6384 8000); (3) 258 Fengxian Lu, near Jiangning Lu (6215 7566). (1) 黄金城道848号,� 近水城南路; (2) 嵩山路77号,� 近淮海中路; (3) 奉贤路258号,� 近江宁路

    I just found a review on the website too:

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      Last I checked, Vegetarian Lifestyle has a lunch set deal for 20rmb.

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        vegetarian lifestyle is pretty decent, but it's as healthy as they claim it to be (there are still a lot of greasy and deep-fried) dishes. i just went last weekend: http://www.sugarednspiced.com/vegetar...

        1. How about Crystal Jade? A Cantonese restaurant with a couple of branches, one at San Tin Di. They do vegetable dishes well. I don't know Pudong.

          (Mostly vegetarian, is it like somewhat pregnant?)

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            Thanks for the tips.

            Mostly vegetarian, heh.....As far as I can make out, she was raised vegetarian, but has expanded her diet to include chicken. She doesn't really like the taste of flesh, but is willing to deal with chicken since it makes dining out a bit easier. I felt bad for making a suckling pig for Thanksgiving, so I made a side of turkey breast as well. She was a good enough sport to try her first turkey ever....

            1. Fortunately for her, Shanghainese are BIG chicken-eaters Shaoxing chicken, drunken chicklen, and many forms of fried, roasted or braised chicken can anchor a meal, and there's always plenty of vegetable dishes around. I'm guessing that if she will make allowances for one thing, she won't worry if there's a little meat stock in the vegetable entrees.

              If she tries one of the great vegetarian restaurants like Gongdelin, she might find she actually likes what they do with tofu.

              Have her try one of the chicken hot pot places that are all over Shanghai like Chong Qing Ji Gong Bao. You get a spicy hot pot with chicken as the only meat, then you can add a whole bunch of veggie things (a la carte but dirt cheap).

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                What she doesn't know can't hurt her :)

              2. I don't know what your idea of "expensive" is, but by Shanghai standards, Gongdelin is pretty darn expensive. Even by Western standards, it's not cheap. I liked their packaged foods Ok, but I thought the restaurant was just Ok; nice setting, but the food itself wasn't really that much better than many of the vegetarian Chinese places here in the LA area. Interesting because of the history, but I was not as impressed by the food as I hoped to be.

                I found the vegetarian noodle shop in Jing'an si (temple) to be pretty tasty for the price.

                I know this thread is ancient, but I will say that Shanghai food tends to have more vegetarian options than a lot of other regions in China, so it's worth trying some non-vegetarian restaurants, especially if you can speak Mandarin or Shanghaiese, or are with someone who can. Of course, at a non-vegetarian place, there's always some risk that you *may* end up getting some meat broth, little shrimp, or chicken MSG even if you're careful about how you order). The kau fu appetizer, the tofu skin "mock goose (or duck)", stir-fried niangao with jicai but no pork are some of my favorites. Nanxiang Mantou Dian actually has vegetarian xiao long bao, which are worth trying for the novelty (the "soup" is made from agar and mushroom) -- photo attached, and also have standard (vegetarian) jicai dumplings and baozi.

                Also, Shanghai / Northern style breakfast can usually be adapted to have many vegetarian or vegan options; most places will leave off the little shrimp or meat from salty dou jiang (soy milk), and afaict, most places claim not to use lard in their you tiao.

                1. Here is a helpful website for a vegetarian restaurant listings in Shanghai. http://www.happycow.net/asia/china/sh...

                  I personally have only been to Vegetarian Lifestyle, which was alright, but we went late and most of the meat substitute options were gone by then.

                  1. Talk magazine did a round-up of the off-the-beaten path vegetarian places (read: not Godly or Jujube): http://shanghai.talk.is/issue/2010-06...?

                    New Age Veggie has a Pudong location.