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Turkey hangover - Have u dined out this weekend?

The Friday after Thanksgiving we decided to go out for lunch, the whole family. The weather was nice and we DID NOT have any desire to go shopping so we thought it would be safe to have a nice lunch w/o a frenzy of people. Boy, were we wrong. Everyone else had a similiar idea.

We went out for gourmet burgers and duck fat fries and while everything was very tasty, the packed resto/bar was loud and chaotic and the gut plug of food made us feel worse than we did after eating our Thanksgiving meal.

So, what are chowhounds eating this weekend? Plates and plates of leftovers? Or are you sick of the turkey and all the sides and instead need a light salad out at a restaurant? I'm nearing the end of my feeding frenzy... but I think I'll have one more plate of leftovers for lunch before I call it quits. :)

I need to start a new exercise regimen pronto!

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  1. We went to Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house, and everybody completely decimated the turkey! Absolutely no leftovers to speak of. So, my dad bought a turkey for us yesterday, which we cooked spatchcocked with white wine, onions, dijon mustard, and thyme. So, we've got turkey meat, but no other leftover Thanksgiving foods. This suits me fine, as I think one night of stuffing and mashed potatoes is enough. I just lost 10 pounds and am trying to keep it off, which will be hard enough with the onslaught of holiday meals and parties to come!

    Right now, my dad is making Fannie Farmer cookbook Turkey Tetrazzini, with lowfat milk instead of cream. It looks great!

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      Lucky you. As much as I love a plate of leftovers, and especially stuffing and gravy, I hate how I feel after eating it - over and over and over...

      Sounds like your family calculated just right. Congrats on the weight loss too. I think I just gained 10. :(

    2. We had pizza last night. Even after giving out lots of leftovers, we still have plenty to get us thru today. Trying to use most of the turkey for some turkey mole just to kick it up a bit.

      1. 10 years ago we thought it was a brilliant idea to be married Thanksgiving weekend. 10 years later we find ourselves wondering every year what we were thinking. LOL

        We did go out last night and celebrate with a nice dinner. We made sure to eat light all day to not ruin our appetites. As I do every year I sent all the Thanksgiving leftovers home with everyone else so we wouldn't be tempted. I can't remember what it's like ot have that breakfast of the leftovers the next morning, it's been so long since we had leftovers around. LOL

        But after two big meals in a row we're looking forward to just a piece of fish and some greens tonight.

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          Married over Thanksgiving? I can see the logic there (everyone will be home for the holiday, it'll be festive, etc), but I can also understand why you question your thinking now - ha!

        2. I went out for a couple beers followed by some Indian food on Friday.

          1. DH was reading "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles" over the holiday, so last night we went out for Chinese.
            there is still half a turkey carcass in the fridge, waiting to be turned into turkey salad sandwiches.

            1. it was just my husband, myself, and two students from his base for T-Day. I sent about half the leftovers with the kids who seemed to really appreciate the homecooking, and my husband has had at least a plateful of leftovers every day. I myself have no interest in the leftovers because even though two months of wicked morning sicknes is finally passing I still seem to only be able to eat things once before they completely turn me off. Friday night we went out for Mexican food and today we went to a Chinese resto for lunch after church. Other than that it has been mostlyf ruit for me.

              1. Did the straight leftovers Friday, but also the last 3 days have made a vegetable heavy soup (brussel sprouts, carrots and chard) with dark turkey meat shreds and sliced rice cakes in the turkey stock which was made on Thursday and de-fatted Friday. Still getting the turkey taste, but the low fatness and the generous veggies feel right. Breast got turned into Japanese style curry last night served with rice and marinated veggies. Freshly made tortilla chips and homemade salsa also hit the spot.

                1. I don't know how common my experience is, but with my sister being a hardcore vegan, and in spite of giving her veiled urgings not to come for Thanksgiving, she ended up inviting herself anyway. This prompted us to ditch "traditional" Thanksgiving fare and substituting the hell out of ingredients to recipes of normally non-offensive dishes to most folks. Turkey? What vegan wants to sit in front of a huge carcass. Ham? Hacked off portion of a carcass. Same goes for beef and lamb. Gravy? Forget it - no carcass for the drippings. Stuffing, pumpkin pie, buttered yams, etc., all a no-go. The only animal-product inspired dish was a leek/apple soup with little dices of Spanish ham to add flavor (and some protein) to the soup - she didn't partake of course. I even offered to pour her some soup before adding the ham - she didn't feel right about it. Anyway, inviting a hardcore vegan to Thanksgiving is like inviting the Pope to your bachelor party - what a drag it will be...

                  With tons of leftover vegan no-Thanksgiving dishes sitting in our fridge (said-hardcore vegan sister didn't want to take any home - she wanted us to enjoy it all - gee thanks you terd), we decided to hit to road on Friday for lunch. Our destination was a local sandwich shop which would double as a vegan's house of horrors. They are known for their more than generous servings of various animal proteins in many forms on their subs. I purposefully ordered their meatiest combination - the Godfather. Loaded down with just about every possible Italian coldcut, melted cheeses, and egg-yolk laden mayonnaise slathered on like suntan oil on a porn star, I never enjoyed meat in any form more than I did on Friday.

                  Saturday called for some obligatory self-flagellation at the local shops and malls. To commiserate over our poor judgement, we all went to this outstanding izakaya and loaded up on more animal proteins in various forms. I admire vegans, but from afar. Please don't ever get between me and my meat again. I'm talking to you, sis...

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                    While running errands on Saturday, I stopped for Dim Sum at a new rest. No meat I just wanted veggies.

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                      I'd warn her next time. "If you come to thanksgiving, we are not changing the menu for you. We'll add a few vegan dishes, but we're not hiding the meat. Come at your own risk." :)

                      We got take out mexican on Saturday night because we felt like something spicy. :)

                      1. re: Morganna

                        I'd have to agree with Morganna - accommodate with enough to be hospitable and just put the offending carcass(es) at the other end of the table. or better do a buffet with a clear demarcation of the offending items. and clearly stipulate that all dishes specifically made for her are going in the trash if she doesn't take the leftovers even if they're not (2 can play the passive/aggressive game)

                        didn't feel 'right' about a vegan soup that would later have flesh in it? reminds of people I lived with years ago.

                        Saturday - Thai delivered from a new place in the 'hood.

                      2. re: bulavinaka

                        You are a very nice sister! If it were me I agree a few vegan dishes, turkey at other end of table cut off. And that would be it, why make a WHOLE family suffer for one person.

                        You are more then accommodating and hospitable, even if it were an in-law or anyone else
                        I wouldn't be as nice as you were.
                        My sister , if she said that to me after all that re: the soup? She would have been wearing it! lol

                        You are a kind and good soul.

                        Thanks for the laugh hilarious but sorry you were all put though that. I would have forsake the sub and went to get a turkey dinner at a diner or something. lol

                        1. re: Rae2

                          Thanks, but as others have falsely accused me of being a gal, I'm a guy. Do I really "sound" feminine in my writing? I wish there was an emoticon of a guy scratching himself as he wrote... :)

                          1. re: bulavinaka

                            My appologies you are a very nice brother~ With the name and no photo, you really don't know? Sorry

                            1. re: bulavinaka

                              Perhaps linguistic preconceptions: -a = feminine in many languages.

                              1. re: link_930

                                Bula = "Hello," "Greetings," "Live well," in Fijian
                                Vinaka = "Thank you," or "good, excellent" in Fijian
                                Bula vinaka roughly translates into a big warm hearty welcome in Fijian, like two old friends who haven't seen each other for a while. Fijians have memories of elephants. One could be gone for years, and upon returning, they'll remember you and often greet you with, "Bula vinaka!!"

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                            If you're ever in that situation again, you;re welcome to come over since we're in the same neighborhood. We always have tons of thanksgiving leftovers. I'm expecting my hangover to hit by this weekend. We're still on our turkey high and making all possible combinations with the leftovers and enjoying it.

                            But the crash as with all good things will be ugly. We're already lining up places for this weekend to handle the crash.

                          3. Well after totally messing with my internal clock by staying up till 3:30 am Thanksgiving morning, thawing my turkey and trying to brine it for the first time, I have been out of wack since, tired of looking at turkey or anything to do with it. I was up till 4:30 am Sun morning and wanted anything to eat but.

                            So I went to White Castle at 5 am Sun Morning. lol
                            I was so tired and guess the workers were too as just grabbed my bags and drove off, got home an noticed they gave me 8 extra Burgers I did not order. So hubby had it for lunch too.

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                            1. re: Rae2

                              WC at 5 AM - what better time?

                              1. re: hill food

                                Beside a diner with more turkey ugg only thing open at that time. w/ Exception of a Mc'ds that baffles me on why they stay open 24 hrs cause when you go to order they will tell you.. Sorry we only have combo # 3 ??? They stay open 24/7 for that. No $ menu avail No other combos or even just a plain ol chicken sandwich... Just # 3 Mamn...lol Silly

                                1. re: Rae2

                                  I've always wondered about that, McD has many flaws and B'fast is the deepest, so why the gap in service?

                                  another topic, another thread. but as in WC's old tag line:

                                  Hamburgers for Breakfast - Why Not?

                                  it's not like they change the oil.

                            2. Youngest home from college for the weekend. After cleaning the chimnies of Sat., Mex for lunch. Tacos carnitas platter, 2 chile rellanos plates and chicken (?!) a la broasted (for the kid).
                              No guajalote (turkey) mole, however.

                              1. The husband and I were all turkey-ed out. Sunday night we were in our old neighborhood and decided to get some good sushi. Nothing like raw fish to jump start your tastebuds!

                                1. Yesterday: Cajunburger. Today: Back to gobblin the gobbler.

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                                    How many days after can you still eat it, checked it out and said up to 4 days max which would have been yesterday.
                                    Still have a 1/2 breast on the bone in the fridge covered well with saran wrap and foil.

                                    Can I still make some chicken salad out of it today Day 5? or No Way and chuck it???

                                    1. re: Rae2

                                      Rae, you'll get varying answers on this depending upon the food safety orientation of the answerer. Me, I picked the carcass then froze the bones (for stock later) and the meat (for turkey pot pie and turkey tetrazinni) separately. I still have a bit of sliced breast meat for sandwiches in the fridge, which we'll probably finish today or tomorrow. And to respond to the OP; we've been eating at home since T-day, but more our usual fare than leftovers. We'll hit the restos this coming weekend, though!

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                                        if you're not litiginous, ignore the date and do the classic sniff and touch. if it's even a bit slimy to the touch - it's definitely off.