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Nov 29, 2008 08:29 AM

Turkey hangover - Have u dined out this weekend?

The Friday after Thanksgiving we decided to go out for lunch, the whole family. The weather was nice and we DID NOT have any desire to go shopping so we thought it would be safe to have a nice lunch w/o a frenzy of people. Boy, were we wrong. Everyone else had a similiar idea.

We went out for gourmet burgers and duck fat fries and while everything was very tasty, the packed resto/bar was loud and chaotic and the gut plug of food made us feel worse than we did after eating our Thanksgiving meal.

So, what are chowhounds eating this weekend? Plates and plates of leftovers? Or are you sick of the turkey and all the sides and instead need a light salad out at a restaurant? I'm nearing the end of my feeding frenzy... but I think I'll have one more plate of leftovers for lunch before I call it quits. :)

I need to start a new exercise regimen pronto!

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  1. We went to Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house, and everybody completely decimated the turkey! Absolutely no leftovers to speak of. So, my dad bought a turkey for us yesterday, which we cooked spatchcocked with white wine, onions, dijon mustard, and thyme. So, we've got turkey meat, but no other leftover Thanksgiving foods. This suits me fine, as I think one night of stuffing and mashed potatoes is enough. I just lost 10 pounds and am trying to keep it off, which will be hard enough with the onslaught of holiday meals and parties to come!

    Right now, my dad is making Fannie Farmer cookbook Turkey Tetrazzini, with lowfat milk instead of cream. It looks great!

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      Lucky you. As much as I love a plate of leftovers, and especially stuffing and gravy, I hate how I feel after eating it - over and over and over...

      Sounds like your family calculated just right. Congrats on the weight loss too. I think I just gained 10. :(

    2. We had pizza last night. Even after giving out lots of leftovers, we still have plenty to get us thru today. Trying to use most of the turkey for some turkey mole just to kick it up a bit.

      1. 10 years ago we thought it was a brilliant idea to be married Thanksgiving weekend. 10 years later we find ourselves wondering every year what we were thinking. LOL

        We did go out last night and celebrate with a nice dinner. We made sure to eat light all day to not ruin our appetites. As I do every year I sent all the Thanksgiving leftovers home with everyone else so we wouldn't be tempted. I can't remember what it's like ot have that breakfast of the leftovers the next morning, it's been so long since we had leftovers around. LOL

        But after two big meals in a row we're looking forward to just a piece of fish and some greens tonight.

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        1. re: ziggylu

          Married over Thanksgiving? I can see the logic there (everyone will be home for the holiday, it'll be festive, etc), but I can also understand why you question your thinking now - ha!

        2. I went out for a couple beers followed by some Indian food on Friday.

          1. DH was reading "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles" over the holiday, so last night we went out for Chinese.
            there is still half a turkey carcass in the fridge, waiting to be turned into turkey salad sandwiches.